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49th International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO)
The 49th IChO was held in Nakhom, Thailand from 6 to 15 July 2017 with 297 students from 76 countries. Singapore team won two gold medals and two silver medals, ranking sixth amongst participating countries. Student, Mr ZHANG Zhiyuan, was also awarded the IUPAC Prize for achieving the second highest score in the theoretical tasks.
Molecular electronics scientists shatter 'impossible' record of rectification rate
Prof Christian NIJHUIS from the Department of Chemistry, NUS and his research team, in collaboration with Dr Damien Thompson (University of Limerick) and Prof Enrique del Barco (University of Central Florida), have fabricated molecular diodes with a rectification ratio (the ratio between the forward and reverse current) of nearly one million. The rectification ratio is a measure of the switching performance of the device. Although the value is similar to that of conventional diodes, it is achieved at much smaller physical dimensions. These diodes change the number of molecules contributing to charge transport ...
Gate-Tunable Giant Stark Effect in Few-Layer Black Phosphorus
Two-dimensional black phosphorus has sparked enormous research interest due to its high carrier mobility, layer-dependent direct bandgap and outstanding in-plane anisotropic property. It is one of the few 2D materials where it is possible to tune the bandgap over a wide energy range from the visible to the IR spectrum. A team led by Assistant professor Lu Jiong has demonstrated an electrical field-controlled giant Stark effect in black phosphorus for potential applications in advanced electro-optic devices. This work has recently been published in Nano Letter ...
NUS Chemistry Week 2017 (1 – 9 June 2017)
The NUS Chemistry Week 2017 was held during the June break at NUS premises. The week-long event comprised 8 fun-filled activities including the NUS-Dow Surprising Science Teachers’ Workshop, Circuit Chem Practical Challenge, Rapid Chem Challenge, Chem Day Camp, the 24th Chemistry-dot-Communication Challenge, and the Surprising Chemistry Workshop. The activities were opened to the general public but ...
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Based on QS University Rankings by subject, NUS Chemistry retained the position as 1st in Asia and 7th internationally for 3 years in a row.
Reversible multi-electron redox chemistry of π-conjugated N-containing heteroaromatic molecule-based organic cathodes
Even though organic molecules with well-designed functional groups can be programmed to have high electron density per unit mass, their poor electrical conductivity and low cycle stability limit their applications in batteries. A team led by Prof Loh Kian Ping report the facile synthesis of π-conjugated quinoxaline-based heteroaromatic molecules (3Q) by condensation of cyclic carbonyl molecules with o-phenylenediamine. ...
Congratulations to Mr Fung Fun Man for winning the Annual Teaching Excellence Award.

Congratulations to Associate Professor Chen Wei for being appointed as Dean’s Chairs in the Faculty of Science.

NUS and Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry will be jointly organizing the SETAC AP Singapore Conference to be held during September 16-19, 2016 at University Town, NUS. More information is available at:

Congratulations to Prof Lee Hian Kee and Adjunct Prof Jackie Ying for being conferred the SNAS Fellowship (2016).
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