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Based on QS University Rankings by subject, NUS Chemistry retained the position as 1st in Asia and 7th internationally for 3 years in a row.
Reversible multi-electron redox chemistry of π-conjugated N-containing heteroaromatic molecule-based organic cathodes
Even though organic molecules with well-designed functional groups can be programmed to have high electron density per unit mass, their poor electrical conductivity and low cycle stability limit their applications in batteries. A team led by Prof Loh Kian Ping report the facile synthesis of π-conjugated quinoxaline-based heteroaromatic molecules (3Q) by condensation of cyclic carbonyl molecules with o-phenylenediamine. ...
Cobalt-Catalyzed Asymmetric Hydroboration/Cyclization of 1,6-Enynes and Enantioselective Synthesis of (-)-Magnofargesin
Dr. Ge and his research team in the Department of Chemistry, NUS, have developed the first cobalt-catalyzed enantioselective hydroboration/cyclization of 1,6-enynes to prepare chiral five-membered cyclic organic compounds. In addition, they applied this methodology to synthesize a bioactive natural product (-)-magnofargesin. This work has recently been published in J. Am. Chem. Soc. (DOI: 10.1021/jacs.7b01708).
NUS chemists made C-C coupling based 2D polymer
Professor Kian Ping Loh and PhD student Liu Wei in the Department of Chemistry, National University of Singapore, applied an ingenious strategy based on endogenous polymerization, carried out without catalyst, solvent or initiator, to make 2-D polymer based on C-C coupling reactions.
They discovered that pre-ordering well-designed, flat monomers into a single crystal structure can lead to a 2D crystalline aromatic polymer upon thermal annealing. The achieved polymeric sheets are parallel and can be readily exfoliated into ...
Toward metallic molecular wires!
Graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) with a width < 10 nm have promising applications in the future nano-electronics. While semi-conducting GNRs can be applied as active components in field effect transistors, the metallic GNRs can be used as conducting wires. So far, the synthesis of GNRs with potential metallic properties is still not successful. In a recent publication in Link, A/P Wu Jishan’s group reported the challenging ...
President's Science Award 2016
Congratulations to A/P Liu Xiaogang for receiving the Link for his outstanding research in developing rare-earth-doped nanocrystals that could be used as luminous tags for tracking cancer cells and deciphering various biologically relevant phenomena. Link
Congratulations to Mr Fung Fun Man for winning the Annual Teaching Excellence Award.

Congratulations to Associate Professor Chen Wei for being appointed as Dean’s Chairs in the Faculty of Science.

NUS and Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry will be jointly organizing the SETAC AP Singapore Conference to be held during September 16-19, 2016 at University Town, NUS. More information is available at:

Congratulations to Prof Lee Hian Kee and Adjunct Prof Jackie Ying for being conferred the SNAS Fellowship (2016).
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