As the leading chemistry department in Singapore, we operate several instrumentation and educational facilities to provide professional support for our research and teaching activities. Our high-end instruments and equipment are maintained and operated by the Chemical, Molecular and Materials Analysis Centre (CMMAC) and comprises 8 service laboratories that provide analytical services for chromatography, electron microscopy, mass spectrometry, X-ray diffraction, magnetic and electron spin resonance spectroscopy as well as elemental analysis. We operate 5 newly renovated teaching laboratories custom-build for general and applied chemistry experiment demonstrations as well as advanced synthesis and analytical methodology training. Our Lab Supplies provides a one-stop shop for stockpile and purchase of essential chemicals and laboratory consumables, and our mechanical and glassblowing workshops supports the construction and repair of laboratory hardware and glassware.

Our facilities are available to all members of the NUS community as well as other academic institutions on a service charging basis. Please contact chmadmin@nus.edu.sg for more information.