Mechanical and Glassblowing Workshop


The quality of glassware and hardware plays important role in the success and safety of experiments in the laboratories. Our specialists working in the Department mechanical and glassblowing workshops are highly trained to make tailored hardware and glassware needed by our researchers as well as repair the broken wares. With this service, the experiments take place on time and the long delay due to the unavailability of the apparatus can be avoided. The service of the workshops are extended to other Departments in NUS as well to support the research and education in NUS as a whole.


These are various common examples of on modification, customization and repair on hardware and glassware apparatus, but not limited to, performed by our specialists: 

Customization of glass column used for flash column chromatography


Modification and adaptation of round bottom flask


Repair and modification of separation funnel with ground glass joints


Repair and modification of column reservoir with ground glass joints


Retrofitting of chemical fumehoods for vacuum line scaffolding

*estimated price for NUS users (includes labour as well as material costs for ground glass joints, rods, connectors, based, etc.)


Besides making the glassware for the experiments in the laboratories, our workshop make customized memorabilia for the Department. Below are the examples of memorabilia made by our specialist in the workshop.