Laboratory Inspection Form

Please make use of Laboratory Inspection Form to conduct Lab Inspection.


For the full version of the Safety Manual, Click here. The abbreviated version, Safety Handout, can be downloaded here.

Safety, Health and Environmental Policy Click here

Health and Safety Procedures in the Department of Chemistry

Personnel Responsibilities

Coping with an Emergency

Applicable Legislations

Radiation Licences

Chemical Hazards

Laboratory Chemical Storage

Materials Safety Data Sheets

Control of Contractor Working in Laboratories

Personal Safety

Chemical Waste Disposal

Reporting Accidents and Incident

Safety Inspections

Security in the Department

Vacating a Laboratory

Department Safety Committee

Prepared Risk Assessment for Equipment and Procedures

Prepared Risk Assessment for Chemicals and Materials

Undergraduate Safety Information

The undergraduate risk assessment form should be completed by undergraduates working in Research Labs. The student should read the prepared risk assessments relevant to his/her work and verify that he/she has done so. Undergraduates working in the teaching lab should read the Undergraduate Safety Note, sign and return the acknowledgement page to the teaching lab where he/she is doing the experiments. In addition, experimental risk assessments and safety data for each experiments can be found in the links below:



Risk Assessment Forms

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Lab Operations Forms