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Welcome to PSSO Safety Information Center, your one-stop website where you can get information regarding Safety matters. The information here attempts to be as extensive as possible but if you have any suggestions concerning additions, please email us.

The Chemistry Safety Committee is grateful to Dr. Ken MacNeil, formerly Departmental Safety Adviser, School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol, for his very kind help and advice on safety matters. The Safety Manual has been adapted with permission from the School of Chemistry, University of Bristol.


For the full version of the Safety Manual, Click here.

The abbreviated version, Safety Handout, can be downloaded here.

Safety, Health and Environmental Policy Click here

Health and Safety Procedures in the Department of Chemistry

University Safety Training for New Staff and Students

Taking Safety Tests in Department of Chemistry

Personnel Responsibilities

Coping with an Emergency

Applicable Legislations

Chemical Hazards

Laboratory Chemical Storage

Materials Safety Data Sheets

Control of Contractor Working in Laboratories


Personal Safety

Reporting Accidents and Incident

Regulations on Purchase of Chemicals

Chemicals needing Licences

Chemical Waste Disposal

Safety Inspections

Security in the Department

Vacating a Laboratory

Personnel Connected with Safety in the Department

Prepared Risk Assessment for Equipment and Procedures

Prepared Risk Assessment for Chemicals and Materials


Demerit Points System

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Undergraduate Safety Information

All practical modules essentially require students to comply with all general safety rules and to conduct experiments independently. Each undergraduate student should read the undergraduate safety note carefully and thereafter pass the online undergraduate safety test for each of these practical modules before conducting the experiments. In addition students would be trained with various hand-on knowledge about chemical safety, i.e. how to complete the risk assessment for a given experiment. Please refer to those practical modules in IVLE for more information. In addition, for those UROPS and FYP undergraduate student, the undergraduate risk assessment form should be completed by undergraduate working in Research Labs. The student should view the prepared risk assessments and verify that he/she has done so.


Safety Forms

Risk Assessment Forms

Purchasing Forms