Basic First Aid

If anyone becomes unconscious following an injury,
call 6874 1616 (security) if after office hours


Control the bleeding by applying pressure over the wound with a pad of paper tissue or towel roll.
Do not attempt to remove any broken glass etc.
Seek medical attention.

Avoid contact with blood


Douse the burn with copious amounts of cold water e.g. under a running tap.
Do not attempt to remove anything sticking to the burn.
Seek medical attention.



On Skin: Wash off with copious amounts of water. Seek medical attention if necessary.
In Eyes: If available use an eye-wash spray with the eyelids held open. Otherwise use a cold running tap. Seek medical attention if necessary.
Inhaled: If possible, move to fresh air. Seek medical attention.
Swallowed: Seek medical attention. Identify the chemical.



Switch off power. Call 6874 1616 for help.


Other injuries - falls, blows

Call for medical attention.


First Aiders

In the event of a serious injury, use the emergency number 6874 1616 which accesses University Security on a 24 hour line.

For minor injuries, First Aiders may be called.

Gideon Lin Hansheng 63658 S5-01-05
Han Yanhui 64406 S8-01-02
Jiang Xiaohui 68990 S14-05-02C
Lee Chooi Lan 68990 S14-05-02C
Leng Zhi Jin 62691 S5-B1
Lew Huey Lee 68990 S14-05-02C
Ong Bee Hoon 62685 S8-04-02



First Aid Boxes

First Aid Boxes should be kept stocked according to the list posted on the front or within the box.

All First Aid material is available from the Chemistry Lab Supplies and Staff in charge of laboratories should nominate a member of that laboratory to see that the stock of the First Aid box is regularly maintained.


Emergency (Fire) Alarms

The buildings in the Chemistry Department are equipped with a fire detection system that will sound the alarms if a sensor detects flame, heat or smoke or if the break-glass alarm button is activated.

There is unfortunately a high incidence of false alarms on campus due to ageing and defective fire detectors. In the event of an alarm, spend a few seconds only in turning off heating equipment or making your experiment safe before leaving the building by the route that has been described to you. Do not use the lifts. Assemble at the designated area for a roll-call.

Do not attempt to enter the building until you have been told it is safe to do so.



Fire Wardens

Fire Safety Coordinator A/P Chuah Gaik Khuan (62839)
Asst fire safety coordinator Lim Nyoon Keow (61672)
S5 Building Coordinator Lim Nyoon Keow (61672)
S5 Assistant Building Coordinator Liong Tian Fu (62691)
S5 - level 5 Ong Shao Ren (62691) Tan Wei Ling (64438)
S5 - level 4 Low Eng Hah (26841) Zhang Hongwei (62838)
S5 - level 3 Leng Zhi Jin (62691) Yap Qi Jin, Daryl (62690)
S5 - level 2 Liu Qiping (68771) Leng Lee Eng (64438)
S5 - level 1 Teo Ai Hwee (63658) Chor Suat Khim Joyce (62690)
S5 - basement Lee Yoon Kuang (62691) Gopal Selvarajoo (66169)
S8 Building Coordinator Chia Hwee Cheng, Adeline (62685)
S8 Assistant Building Coordinator Ho Woon Kwong Derek (62673)
S8 - level 5 Gideon Lin Hansheng (63658) Ting Ying Chang Sarah (62686)
S8 - level 4 Ong Bee Hoon (62685) Juliana Binte Mohamed (62922)
S8 - level 3 Emaiza Binte Mohd Arif (62922) June Chan (68102)
S8 - level 2 Wong Lai Kwai (62684) Yuan Cheng-Hui Steven (62684)
S8 - level 1 Han Yanhui (64406) Wu Ji'En (64406)
S7 Building Coordinator Junaidi Bin Aminuddin (61760)
S7 - level 4 Toh Soh Lian (62686) Tan Lay San (62841)
S7 - level 3 Tan Geok Kheng (65118) Suriawati Bte Sa'Ad (62660)
S7 - level 1 Lee Ka Yau (62676) Ramasamy Dhasaratha Raman (61661)