Regulations on Purchase of Chemicals
1 All deliveries of chemicals and solvents to the Department of Chemistry must have purchase orders originating from Lab Supplies, Department of Chemistry. For purchases made through external grants, the order form must first be submitted to Lab Supplies for approval before being forwarded to the external body. The P.O. must carry a statement "Approved by Lab Supplies, Department of Chemistry".
2 Use the ES Online Chemstore System to purchase chemicals ( Read the instructions at the site to know how to use. If chemicals fall under CWC, you need to apply to OSHE for the licence to purchase the chemicals.
3 Strictly no Cash-On-Delivery is allowed for purchase of chemicals and solvents.
4 Irrespective of the source of the grant, purchases involving excessive amounts of solvents and/or chemicals to be stored in the Department of Chemistry will not be approved. Should it be necessary that large amounts of solvents and/or chemicals be purchased, arrangements should be made with the supplier for storage at their site and partial delivery be made on an as-and-when-needed basis. Written verification from the supplier is necessary.
5 No chemicals/solvents are to be sent directly to any individuals. All chemicals and solvents must be delivered to Lab Supplies, Dept of Chemistry, Science Drive 2, Blk S5 Basement Office, Singapore 117543.
6 All chemicals and solvents not purchased and delivered in accordance with the above procedures will be considered illegal.
7 All chemicals and solvents must be properly stored in the appropriate safety cabinets.
8 Lab Supplies sells technical solvents, acids, alkalis and some common lab chemicals. To purchase these, the Letter of Authorisation for Collection of Solvents & Chemicals must be signed by the PI and submitted to Lab Supplies before 10 am or 4:30 pm. The solvents can then be collected at 10 am and at 4:30 pm at the Technical Solvents store. For solvents, the maximum volume that you can purchase each time is 20 L. To purchase more solvents, you must return the empty canisters.

Regulations on Import of Biological Agents/Toxin

An import permit granted by the Ministry of Health is required for the importation of biological agents, toxins including proficiency test items and inactivated agents. If you are the importer, then you must have an Approval to Possess for that item. Refer to Import of Biological Agents/Toxins under Applicable Legislations for more information.