Risk Assessments

If you are a member of Academic or Supervisory Staff, you should read the following information, as it applies to different categories of Personnel, as a guide to the application of Health and Safety procedures within the Department of Chemistry.

Risk Assessments are procedures to estimate the risks to Health and Safety associated with any work activities you perform and to devise rules and methods of work to minimise these risks. The law requires that Risk Assessments be carried out for all work that you do and that you are informed of the outcome of the assessment and are trained to carry out your duties safely. The Risk Assessment procedure applies to all kinds of work activities from the use of computer equipment to the manual handling of heavy items.

If you are not working in a Laboratory or Workshop

If your workplace is not a laboratory or workshop, e.g. if you are a member of the Secretarial staff or a researcher carrying out a project which is purely computational, then the only Risk Assessments you need to read are those concerning:

If you are a Researcher, you need to record the fact that you have read these Assessments. Go to the Forms you need to complete section.


If you are working in a Laboratory

Risk Assessments: If you are carrying out research work, your Supervisor should supply you with a copy of your Project Risk Assessment. This will give you some guidance as to the individual Risk Assessments relevant to your Research Project which you must read and then undergo any necessary training. The full list can be found at:

For undergraduate practical module, you should also complete the experiment-based risk assessment forms.


Teaching Laboratory Technical Staff

There are specially prepared Risk Assessment documents and forms for Undergraduate Lab Modules.

List of Risk Assessment Forms


If you are working in a Workshop or Stores

Local specific rules and Risk Assessments apply if you are working in Stores or Workshops.