Faculty of Science

Department of Chemistry

The usage and storage of chemicals in Singapore are subjected to a number of regulations. Please view http://www.nus.edu.sg/osh/legalreg.htm to know legislative requirements. Some of
regulations are:

  • Fire Safety (Petroleum & Flammable Material) Regulations 2005
  • Environmental Pollution Control Act (Hazardous Substances )
  • Arms & Explosives (Amendment) Act
  • Poisons Act
  • Chemical Weapons Convention
  • Biological Agent & Toxins Act


Safe practice in chemical storage

  • Store all chemicals by their hazards class and not in their alphabetical order. The Merck system or that following Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre are two good examples that you can follow.
  • Do not store chemicals in direct sunlight or near heat sources such as ovens
  • Date chemicals when first opened. If a particular chemical can become unsafe or deteriorate while in storage, an expiration date should also be included
  • Do not use the lab bench for permanent storage of chemicals.
  • Inspect your chemicals routinely for any signs of deterioration and for integrity of the label.
  • Do not store chemicals above eye levels. If the container breaks, the contents can fall onto the face and upper body.