Chemistry safety test
This test covers your knowledge in basic chemistry, awareness of safety practices, departmental rules and regulations and safety legislations. The Department requires that you are aware of all safety rules and regulations before you work or teach in its laboratories.

The test must be taken within 3 months of joining the department. Should you fail, you should retake the test within a month after you have sufficiently prepared for it.

Passing the test allows you to apply for transponder access to the lab. The transponder should not be given to other staff or students including undergraduate students to enter facilities that they do not have access to.

Failure to take or pass the test will have repercussions on your entire research group. Purchasing privileges at Lab Supplies including processing of purchase requests from your research group will be suspended until such time that you take/retake the test.

Who should take it ?

All graduate students doing MSc or PhD, research staff, laboratory staff working in Chemistry. Students doing MSc by Coursework or Soochow students in their first year will take the test depending on the decision of the supervisor.

This test is not for undergraduates including UROPS and FYP students. In accordance with University’s rules, all undergraduates in the labs must work under supervision at all times. Undergraduate students are not allowed to have transponders to access laboratories.

All graduate students by research and research staff (research assistant, research fellow) must pass the chemistry safety test within 3 months of joining the department.

How to prepare for the test ?

You should go through the safety DVD and the department’s Safety Manual downloadable from The safety DVD can be loaned from the Chromatography Lab, S5 Level 2 (Dr. Liu Qiping, e-mail: