Control of Contractor working in laboratories


The following safe work procedure is implemented to ensure a safe working environment for any contractors, staff and student of the university


Any contractor involved in laboratory cleaning, servicing of laboratory equipment or minor works in the laboratory will be required to comply with the following safe work procedures before starting any work in the laboratory


  • Cleaners appointed to clean the laboratories
  • Service personnel for laboratory equipments
  • University appointed term contractors for electrical, network and building services
  • Any persons contracted to perform services in the laboratories


Before the start of the work, the contractor shall

  1. Discuss the scope of work with the laboratory
  2. Discuss the safety and health responsibilities
    • control measures e.g. erecting warning signs and barriers
    • required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  3. Receive all safety related information
  4. Ensure their employees and their subcontractors are suitably qualified to perform the tasks
  5. Provide a copy of relevant documentation for the job
    • licenses & permits (if any)
    • risk assessments
    • hot work permits (if use of flame is required)
  6. Return the Signed Contractor Risk Management Checklist. (download here)
  7. Display "Contractor Control - Hazard Notice) (to be generated by lab at