Radiation Licences

Step-by-Step Procedure for Licence Application

Types of licences

Equipment/Materials Licences


L3/L4 licence

  1. All applications for these licences must go through the Department using LicenceOne. See Mdm Lim Nyoon Keow or Junaidi for help. 
  2. For equipment/materials related to PI’s research, the PI has to make the payment using his/her Credit Card. Claim for repayment can be made through the Department Finance Officer.
  3. For equipment/materials related to Department, payment will be by CorpPass.
  4. Once NEA approves the licence application, Mdm Lim or Junaidi will be informed and in turn, they will forward you a copy of the licence.


N2 licence

  1. Download the application form for N2 from NEA website
  2. Complete the application form. Obtain the equipment brochure.
  3. Submit the completed NEA license application form, equipment brochure and cheque to Mdm Lim Nyoon Keow. Remember to keep a copy of these documents.
  4. Mdm Lim will submit the documents to FOS Safety officer who submit the documents to NEA for processing. A copy of these documents will be kept by them.
  5. Wait for approval from NEA (about 1 month).
  6. Install the equipment and ensure it is in operating conditions.
  7. NEA will conduct a site inspection for the equipment to measure the radiation level. FOS Safety will assist to make appointment with NEA officer, Mr Chai Chiang Yap (email: chai_chiang_yap@nea.gov.sg; phone: 6731 9543) for inspection.


User licences

You have to apply yourself through https://licence1.business.gov.sg/web/frontier/home
For this, you will require a Singpass. If you do not have one, you can register at
For those who are not eligible for SingPass, go to
The licence is tagged to your IC/FIN no so you will be able to work in any other organization in Singapore with the licence.

  1. a) Complete the attach Authorization form for Occupational Health Services.

    b) Submit the complete form to Mdm Lim Nyoon Keow who will submit to FOS Safety for approval. The approved form will be returned to you.

    c) With the approved form, make an appointment with Occupational Health Clinic in OSHE.
    Contact person: Nurse Kim @ nursekim@nus.edu.sg, 6516 7333 or Goh Sha Wee @ oshgsw@nus.edu.sg, 6601 1781. Upon receipt of the completed request form, they will contact you via phone or e-mail for further arrangements.

    d) Go for the medical examination and obtain the medical report.

  2. Log in to LicenceOne portal using SingPass. See Step by step instructions with screenshots under Forms.
  3. Fill up online and make payment using your credit card. You can claim for reimbursement through your PI’s grant.
  4. NEA will schedule a test if required.
  5. After passing the test, NEA will email you the licence.
  6. Inform Mdm Lim/Junaidi, L3 or N2 equipment licence holder once you obtain your L4/L5 or R1 licence. Radiation workers licenced under L4/L5 and R1 need a thermoluminescent dosimeter (TLD) to monitor the exposure to ionizing radiation. The Department will apply the dosimeter for you.