Chemistry Alumni Fund


Initiated by several of our senior alumni, a fundraising campaign was launched in conjunction with SG50 celebration to establish the Chemistry Alumni Fund. The campaign received strong support from our alumni and friends, with a total of 12 sub-named Study Awards established initially:

  • Far East Organization Study Award – 2 awards
  • Koh Lip Lin Study Award
  • Lan Weiguang Study Award
  • MG Study Award
  • Tan Eng Liang Study Award
  • Tan Ean Kiam Study Award
  • Tan Tock Peng Study Award
  • Tan Tock San Study Award
  • Teo Cher Aik, Richard Study Award
  • Wong Ah Long Study Award
  • Yeo Keng Joon Study Award

These Study Awards would be presented from AY2017 onwards to encourage and inspire our bursary students to excel further. A one-time cash award of $1000 will be presented to these deserving students who have demonstrated good academic performance in the previous academic year. These student can receive the award in addition to any other bursary/scholarship/award, thus would be further relieved of their financial burdens.

The Chemistry Alumni Fund contributed by alumni, together with the government matching endowment, could also be used for initiatives and opportunities that enhance the teaching and learning of our students. The Department is very grateful to have these additional resources to help us in fulfilling our commitment to the pursuit of a holistic education for all deserving.

Dear Alumni, Thank you for your gifts and supports through the Chemistry Alumni Fund!