Faculty of Science

Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry follows the University’s procedure for making purchases in a procedure known as GeBIZ Procurement. Basically, the item(s) to be purchased is keyed into the GeBIZ system for raising PO by GeBIZ General Users (GU).

(1) GeBIZ General Users and Approving Authority

Only GeBIZ General Users (GU) are allowed to do procurement in GeBIZ. In the Department of Chemistry, they are Mr Teo Leong Kai, Mr Sim Hang Whatt, Ms Lim Nyoon Keow, Mr Phua Wei De, Victor and Ms Low Chin Chin.

Mr Sim Hang Whatt, Ms Lim Nyoon Keow and Mr Phua Wei De, Victor are also the Goods Acceptance Officers (GAO) who will post the goods receipts in GeBIZ.

The Approving Authority for Purchase Request, Invitation to Quote (ITQ) and Recommendation to ITQ are Mr. Chionh Twa Soon, Miss June Chan, Prof Xu Guo Qin, A/P Lam Yulin, A/P Yao Shao Qin, A/P Suresh Valiyaveettil and A/P Ryan Phillip Anthony Bettens.

For up-to-date details on the procurement procedure and regulations, please refer to

(2) Procurement Procedure

For purchases not exceeding $5,000

Goods and services not exceeding the SVP limit of $5,000 can be purchased directly from the suppliers without having to call for quotations.

Purchases above $5,000 but not exceeding $100,000

For goods and services up to $100,000 in value, departments must call for quotation. A simplified quotation process requiring minimum 3 quotes can be adopted for purchases not exceeding $15,000. The quotation can be called manually or through the Government Electronic Business (GeBIZ) system, an integrated one stop e-procurement portal that allows GeBIZ registered suppliers (i.e. trading partners) to interact with the Government for its procurement activities.

For purchases above $15,000 but not exceeding $100,000, these should be procured via open quotation in GeBIZ Invitation-to-Quote module (also known as Self Service Buy). Departments can also purchase such goods and services from established period contracts via GeBIZ Catalogue Buy or Framework Agreement.

For purchases above $100,000

Tender must be called for purchases above $100,000 through the GeBIZ Invitation-to-Tender module or alternatively, purchased from period contracts in the Catalogue Buy or Framework Agreement. For tenders, contact Mr. Chionh.

(3) Procurement Forms

  • Letter of Justification
    For Calling Fewer Than 3 Quotations For Purchases Of More Than S$5,000 But Not Exceeding S$15,000 (before GST)

  • Order Form 1
    For Purchases of NOT MORE than S$5,000 (excluding GST)

  • Order Form 2
    For Purchases of MORE than S$5,000 but Not Exceeding S$15,000 (excluding GST)