CMMAC Overview

Established in 1998, the Chemical, Molecular and Materials Analysis Centre (CMMAC) at the Department of Chemistry, NUS, is a central instrumentation facility providing professional support to teaching and research in the academia and industry.

The instruments in the CMMAC laboratories encompass a wide range of analytical techniques. Combined with the knowledge of the Department's academic staff, CMMAC is well positioned to provide solutions in chemical, molecular and materials analyses.

Our extended vision is to be a premier knowledge resource in providing solutions to local and regional enterprises. We promote close research interactions among scientists, establish collaborative research programmes, provide training in chemical instrumentation and conduct courses of current interests.

The Centre consists of a consortium of eight laboratories, namely:

Chromatography Laboratory

Electron Microscopy Laboratory

Electron Spin Resonance Laboratory

Elemental Analysis Laboratory

Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory

Thermal Analysis Laboratory

X-ray Diffraction Laboratory

Specialised Instruments

CMMAC is a dynamic centre, constantly improving and expanding our facilities to provide high quality analytical services, while catering to the needs of academia and industry.

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