Analysis of the element composition of chemical compounds is an essential aspect of chemical characterization.

Elemental analysis is a micro-analytical technique that involves both qualitative and quantitative determination. The quantitative aspect involves deducing the composition of each element in a compound while the qualitative method identifies the element present in the substance. In the Elemental Analysis laboratory, we combined both quantitative and qualitative analysis. Some examples include CHNS analysis, Inductive Coupled Plasma - Optical Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-OES), Anionic Ion-Exchange Chromatography (IC) and Thermogravimetric Analysis.

The laboratory accommodates a wide variety of sample types, such as residues from incinerator plants, microelectronic components, environmental samples, pharmaceutical products and precursors, petroleum samples and biological samples. New alloys and polymers from materials R&D and unknown compounds extend the spectrum of work in this vital facility.