Guideline for Users


  • Sample quality

Purity of your sample is critical in elemental analysis. Element analysis is a weight percent analysis. Impurities such as solvent, water, starting materials, different end products will affect the elemental proportionally.

  • Sample preparation

Dry your sample thoroughly free of solvents and impurities

  • Sample quantity

Minimum quantity for CHNS: 3mg
Minimum sample required for ICP : 5mg for solids/10ml for filtered liquids        
Minimum sample required for IC : 5mg for solids /10ml for filtered liquids

  • Sample submission

Submit samples to NUS, 3 Science Drive 3, S8-01-02 Singapore 117543.
Tel: 65164438 (Lab is open from Mon to Fri 830 to 6pm, except 530pm on Friday. Avoid 1-2pm. Sat/Sun closed)