Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Fluorescence spectroscopy can be used to measure with high sensitivity the emission spectrum and lifetime of excited state of samples. Our Horiba Fluorolog-3 spectrofluorometer has a modular setup. The excitation source is a broadband 450 W Xenon lamp with emission ranging from UV to near-IR. Excitation spectra ranging from 240-600 nm and emission spectra ranging from 290-850 nm can be measured with good sensitivity.

Additionally, laser excitation sources with various wavelengths and associated pulse width are available for the measurement of excited state lifetime.

Typically, samples are dissolved in high quality HPLC-grade solvent in ~10-5 M and the sample solution is analysed in a standard emission cuvette. Solid samples can also be analysed using a solid sample holder.

Fluorescence services is located at S8-02-04A, please contact elemental@nus.edu.sg (Ms Tan) or 6516-4438 for further information.

For sample submission, about 4 mL of liquid samples or at least 100 mg of solids are needed. Please click to download the relevant request form: