Guideline for Users

Guide for preparing training form
(Chemistry Department of NUS Only)

  1. Select the mass spectrometry you would like to attend (multiple choices allowed)
    LC/MS:  For Bruker Amazon Ion Trap mass spectrometer
    ESI:  For Thermo-Finnigan LCQ mass spectrometer
    MALDI:  For Bruker AutoFlex III mass spectrometer
    GCMS:  For Agilent 7890/5975 GCMS system
    If you have any questions about what mass spectrometer you need to be trained, please feel free to contact Mdm. Wong, Lai Kwai or Dr. Yuan, Cheng-Hui

  2. Filled out form

  3. Send the completed form to MS Lab (S8-L1-13)

  1. For ESI training course, we will make a group for training
  2. For other training, you could make appointment with us individually


How to make service requests

The flow chart below is the analytical processes in mass spectrometry laboratory


Please refer the fellow charts and instruction below to prepare all needs for service requests

  1. Please decide what analysis you want.

  2. Please filled out all forms.

  3. Submit forms and samples to MS Lab (S8-01-13) [link]