Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory

The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Laboratory provides identification of unknown materials, determination of chemical structures, properties of novel products, quantification of components in a mixture and analysis of conformational and molecular dynamics. NMR is a non-destructive technique that allows a full recovery of the original sample.

The NMR lab locates at S8-01-10 of Department of Chemistry of NUS. It houses 4 solution-state and 1 solid-state FT NMR instruments with proton operating frequencies ranging between 300 and 500 MHz. We welcome enquiries from industrialists who might wish to use these services.  Please contact our staff for further information.

The spectrometers are fully operated by licensed users and operates on an open booking system (Chemistry users only). The machine time is booked on a daily basis according to a set of rules posted on the notice board in the NMR Laboratory.