NMR Tubes

Minimum length of 5 mm NMR tubes that can be used is 16.5cm.

For low field NMR (such as 300 MHz), you may use Norrell High Throughput 5 mm 7" tubes.

For high field NMR (such as 500 MHz), you may use Norrell Select Series 5 mm 7" tubes.

Other NMR tubes & suppliers:

It is possible to get specialised NMR tubes such as:

  • Amberized NMR Tube.

  • J Young Valve NMR Tube (Norell S-5-500-JY-7).

  • Screw-cap NMR Tube.

  • Natural Quartz NMR Tube (which can have a J Young valve fitted).

  • Suprasil Quartz NMR Tube.

  • High pressure Sapphire Tubes (Analysco).
  • The following may be of use (please contact your own agents for detailed information):

    Norell NMR tubes

    Wilmad Labglass

    New Era manufacture NMR sample tubes & accessories.

    Aldrich NMR