Raman Microscopy

Raman microscopy offers a non-destructive and non-contact sample analysis, producing a spectral fingerprint unique to a molecule that contains information about the chemical structure of the samples. As it is a microscopic technique, a very small sample area can be analysed with minimal sample preparation.

Our HORIBA Jobin Yvon Modular Raman Microscope is equipped with two laser source, 514nm (10 to 50 mW) and 633nm (17mW), for excitation. Your samples should not be sensitive to laser exposure or fluoresce strongly at these excitations. Sample can be solid or non-volatile liquid and is typically placed on the microscopic slide for analyses. The system is also equipped with a special electrochemical cell that allows in situ Raman measurement of sample under applied voltage/current.

Raman microscopy is located at S8-02-04B, please contact elemental@nus.edu.sg (Ms Tan or Mdm Leng) or 6516-4438 for further information.

Please click to download the request form for sample submission: Raman Analysis Request Form and Risk Assessment Form