Pressure Composition Isotherm (PCI) performs quantitative analysis of gas-solid reaction. It admits a controlled amount of gas into the reaction chamber that holds a specimen and monitors the pressure of the gas while the temperature of the chamber is held constant or slowly changed. The amount of gas absorbed by the specimen is determined by calculating the amount of the remaining gas. The GRC also allows for the study of the reverse process, namely, desorption of the gas. The gas may be hydrogen, nitrogen, or other gases that would react with solids. The host computer is an integral part of the GRC system. Its data acquisition board reads all the analog and digital data from the main unit. The provided software package not only performs fully automatic operation of the GRC system but also provides structured data management.


Raman Microscope offers a non-destructive and non-contact method of sample analysis.  Very small sample area can be analysed with minimal sample preparation.  It produces a spectral fingerprint unique to a molecule that contains information about the chemical structure of the samples.


Spectroflourometer can be used to measure with great sensitivity the emission spectrum and lifetime of excited state of samples. 


Vibrating Sample Magnetometry (VSM) Laboratory provides measurement of samples with magnetic properties. With a 4” electromagnet, this instrument could generate a magnetic field as high as 2T. For more information, please contact the staff in-charge.