Ang Kok Peng Memorial Fund

The University mourns the loss of a long-time staff, Dr Ang Kok Peng, who passed away on 9 October 1997 of lung cancer.

Dr Ang's association with the University is one that began when he was a student at the then University of Malaya. He went on to join the University as a member of the teaching staff in 1952. While he was a senior lecturer in chemistry in the then University of Singapore, he was appointed Singapore's first ambassador to Japan in 1968. On his return in 1971, he was made both Dean of the Science Faculty and Head of the Chemistry Department.

Dr Ang's contributions extended beyond the academic walls of the University. He served as a Member of Parliament (Crawford and Buona Vista) for four terms, from 1972 to 1988. Between 1972 and 1976, he was appointed Minister of State for two ministries, first for Communications, then Health. Dr Ang also served as President of the Singapore Academy of Sciences and the Singapore Association for the Advancement of Science.

He is survived by his wife, Dr Ang Wai Hoong and three children.

Dr Ang's exemplary service and contributions to the University and the nation are fondly remembered by many. A committee, comprising the Dean of the Science Faculty, Prof Lee Soo Ying, colleagues of the Chemistry Department and friends of Dr Ang, has been set up to raise a target sum of $500,000 for the Ang Kok Peng Memorial Fund. The purpose of the fund would include awarding scholarships and book prizes to deserving undergraduates and purchasing of new equipment. Those who may wish to contribute something to honour his memory may do so by getting in touch with

The Director Alumni Affairs and Development Office
National University of Singapore
10 Kent Ridge Crescent
Singapore 119260
Tel: 874-6336, Fax: 777-2065

All donations are tax-exempt and will be duly acknowledged.

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