Minor in Analytical Chemistry

Emphasising and exploiting the radial connections of Chemistry in general and Analytical Chemistry in particular, with most other Sciences, the Department offers a minor which comprises modules related to the theory and practical aspects of modern analytical techniques used widely in the petrochemical, fine chemical, polymer, pharmaceutical, environmental, electronic and materials industries as well as research laboratories.

The Analytical Chemistry minor is especially useful to Biological Sciences, Materials Science and Physics graduates who will thus be suitably trained in essential aspects of analytical science. This training will stand such graduates in good stead when they seek employment, specifically giving them an edge in terms of employability over their more specialised counterparts.

This minor is not awarded with the Chemistry major, the Applied Chemistry major, and the Concentration in Economics and Analytical Chemistry.

To be awarded a minor in Analytical Chemistry, a student must pass the following modules:

Module code   title Prerequisites
(AY2010/2011 or before) CM1101 & CM1111
Principles of Modern Chemistry & Basic Inorganic Chemistry
''A' level pass in Chemistry or equivalent
(Effective AY2011/12)
CM1401 and CM1111
CM1402 and CM1191
Chemistry For Life Sciences and Inorganic Chemistry 1
General Chemistry and Experiments in Chemistry 1
'A' level pass in Chemistry or equivalent
(AY2011/12 or before)

Principles of Spectroscopy
Analytical Chemistry

CM1101 or CM1502 or CM1401
CM1101 or FST1101 or CM1401
(Effective AY2012/13)


Physical Chemistry 2

Analytical Chemistry 1

CM1131 or CM1401 or by Dept. Approval
CM1131 or FST1101 or CM1401 or by Dept. Approval
Instrumental Analysis II
Selected Experiments in Analytical Chemistry
CM2142; not offered to Chemistry or Applied Chemistry majors

Please also note that if your major is Materials Science, CM1101 and CM1111 are essential modules. These modules cannot be counted twice towards this major and the Minor in Analytical Chemistry.

Engineering students who have taken CM1502 are required to read and pass CM1101 as well in order to qualify for the Analytical Chemistry Minor. Please contact the department during the CORS period should you have difficult registering for CM1101.