Faculty of Science

Department of Chemistry

The Applied Chemistry Programme is tailored to the needs of the chemical industry in Singapore and the region. Throughout the course, we emphasise the application of the principles of chemistry in industry, technology and commerce. The broad-based training in not restricted to chemistry and laboratory technique, but includes topics such as scientific communication, use of information technology, good manufacturing practice, and laboratory management. A global outlook is encouraged, particularly through attachments to multinational corporations both in Singapore and abroad. All this should prepare our graduates to join the global workforce required by a trans-national economy. The motto: "competence with responsibility" describes what we expect from our graduates: professional competence, critical thinking, and social responsibility.

Special Features

      • Small group with close interaction between staff and students
      • A choice of specialisation in Materials Chemistry or Drugs Chemistry
      • Laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art equipment
      • Project-based learning components
      • 6 months industrial attachment in the third year of studies
      • The possibility of spending up to a year overseas at a partner university