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CGS Industry Visiting

The CGS hosted the industrial visit to 3M company on 28th September. The purpose of this visit is to allow our graduate students to gain insights on how the actual chemical industry works and gain valuable information relevant to the real time practical aspects of chemistry.

The 3M lecturer gave a short introductory talk and showed the corporate videos about 3M technologies aiming at the slogan, “Science applied to life”. Then the lecturer and her partner provide all the participants with a wonderful guided lab tour in the exhibition center. From life supplies to professional products, various amazing 3M products were introduced to our participants. Finally, everyone enjoyed a great time and learned lots of 3M products of during the guide lab tour. In the end of tour, Dr. Foo Maw Lin gave a certificate of appreciation to the 3M company by lecturer-in-charge and took a photo together with the lecturer. We are extremely grateful to all graduate students and staff for participation in the industrial and grateful to the CGS committee and the 3M company for organizing the event.

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Fig. 1 Shuttle bus service

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Fig. Group photo

Date: 28th Sep 2018

Place: 3M

Welcome reception 2018 August

In order to help incoming graduate students to get around with the new environment and make new friends, Chemistry Graduate Society (CGS) held a welcome party on the 23rd August 2018 with a total of 37 graduate students joined party.

The welcome reception started with an opening address by Dr. Foo Maw Lin, the CGS Staff Advisor. He highlighted the topics on graduate student life, research and career. He also gave some useful advice to many new graduate student from overseas on how to integrate into their new lifestyle in NUS. Next, Ms. Li Xinzhi, President of CGS, gave a brief introduction about CGS and summarized the events held by CGS in the past two semesters. She also introduced the upcoming indusial visit held by CGS in the October.

The welcome party continued with the Ice breaking session conducted by Mr. Eugene Chow Chi Hao, which was simply the self-introduction from all the participants followed by an exciting game, Charades. Finally, pizza and drinks were served to everyone. What's more, we talked and shared stories with each other while having the nice food. The event was successfully hosted and provided the new graduate students a chance to get to know people of our department better and make new friends.

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Fig. 1 The graduate students participating the reception

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Fig.2 The students were playing the Charades


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Fig.3 Group photo after the event

Date: 23rd Aug 2018

Place: S8-03-14

Chemistry Graduate Poster Symposium

Chemistry Graduate Society (CGS) has successfully hosted the third Chemistry Graduate Poster Symposium on the 7th August 2018. It is a milestone for many Ph.D. students to pass their third qualifying examination (QE3) and a great opportunity for all members of Chemistry Department to come together face-to-face to celebrate their recent research achievements and showcase interesting experimental findings. It is also a brilliant occasion for many to seek inspirational ideas and inter-group collaborations.

A total of 29 students has participated in the poster symposium this year. Apart from the previous years, TAC members provided a written evaluation to feedback all the students similar to their first and second qualifying examinations (QE1& QE2). A travel allowance of S$1,500 for overseas conference was also awarded to the best poster in each category to encourage students to strive for excellence. Moreover, people’s choice award with S$100 Kinokuniya book vouchers were given to students whose poster received the most votes from the audience.

The closing ceremony began with a concise address from Prof. Chua Lay-Lay, the Assistant Head of Chemistry Department. Subsequently, Prof. Richard Wong, the Head of Chemistry Department, congratulated everyone for the success of this year’s poster symposium. Next, Dr. Foo Maw Lin, the CGS Staff Advisor, expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the CGS ExCo team for the success of organizing this poster symposium. Ms. Li Xinzhi, President of CGS, gave a short introduction on CGS and highlighted the upcoming industrial visit which will be held later in the semester.

We hope all the participants have enjoyed themselves, made new friends and gained wonderful experience through this event. Lastly, we would like to congratulate all the award winners and wish everyone has a remarkable journey in future!


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 Fig. 1 The venue of the 2nd graduate poster symposium

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Fig. 2 Group photo of all the award winners and the staff

Date: 7th Aug 2018

Place: Multi-purpose room, level 2 (on the top of science canteen)

Graduate Career Talk Workshop

Chemical Graduate Society (CGS) has heartily hosted the Graduate Career Talk Workshop on 6th April 2018. A total of 22 students have attended this inspiring workshop, which served as a create opportunity for all graduate students of chemistry department to engage with our alumni and career advisor for career advice and mentorship.

Two distinguished and experienced speakers were invited by the CGS organizing committee for the workshop. Dr. Yeo Wee Loon from Centre for Future-ready Graduates (CFG) of NUS, who delivered an interesting talk entitled “Winning at Interviews”. In his sharing, Dr. Yeo emphasized on various types of interview and selection process, typical interview questions and tips on how to prepare for interviews even before sending out the resumes. And Dr. Jaspreet Singh Kochhar, a Senior Scientist from Procter & Gamble’s Singapore Innovation Centre (P&G SglC), who spoke on his past job searching experience and his current working life in the chemical industry.

We are extremely grateful to Dr. Yeo and Dr. Jaspreet for gracing this workshop, and grateful to the CGS committee for organizing the event. We sincerely hope that such educational and enriching workshop will be beneficial to all the graduate students and best wish for their future career hunting.

Fig. 1 Speech by Dr. Yeo Wee Loon


Fig. 2 Speech by Dr. Jaspreet Singh Kochhar

Date: 6th April 2018

Place: S8-03-14

CGS Welcome Party 2018 January

The CGS hosted the 2018 Welcome Party on 19th January. The purpose of the welcome party was to provide all incoming graduates of Chemistry department an opportunity to engage with their fellow batchmates and seniors, and to publicize about CGS and introduce some of the events that will be held in the coming academic year.

Two staff speakers were invited by the organizing committee. They are: Dr. Foo Maw Lin, the staff adviser in charge of CGS, who welcomed the new graduate students and provided an opening address; and Prof Chua Lay Lay, the assistant head of the department of chemistry, who introduced the programs in the department. 32 students attended the welcome party.


Date: 19th Jan 2018

Place: S8-03-14

CGS Year-End Party 2017

The CGS hosted the 2017 Year-End Party on 23rd November. The purpose of the year-end party was to as follows: to provide all graduates of Chemistry department an opportunity to before exams and let them engage with the fellow students; to summarize what have been done by the on-going CGS committee and to appreciate their hear work for the past one year; to award the excellent TA prize in order to promote better service in student TA position; to introduce the new CGS committee and brief what will be held in the future one academic year.

Two staff speakers were invited by the organizing committee. They are: Assoc. Professor ANG Wee Han, the Deputy Head of Department, who provided an opening address; and Dr. Foo Maw Lin, the staff adviser in charge of CGS, who welcomed the attending graduate students and gave a talk of summary in 2017.

Date: 23rd November 2017 (Thursday)
Venue: S8-03-14 (Executive Classroom)

Chemistry Graduate Career Talk 2017 Sept.

The CGS hosted the inaugural Chemistry Graduate Career Talk on 21st September. The purpose of the career talk was to help students from all phases of their studies better understand what’s life ahead after their research degree and provide a clearer path towards their dream research or industry positions.

Two distinguished and experienced speakers were invited by the organizing committee. They are: Professor T. Venky Venkatesan, director of NUS Nano Institute, who spoke on how graduate students can effectively plan their careers, and Dr Yeo Wee Loon from the NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduates (CFG), who delivered a talk on resume writing for Academia and Industry. 31 students attended the inspiring talks.

Date: 21st Sept 2017

Place: S8-03-14


Graduate Welcome Party 2017 August

To help new graduate students get around with new environment and make new friends, CGS held a welcome party on Aug 25th, organized by Han Yi, Yang Xin, Sun Xue and Wang Tian. CGS president Deepshika gave a brief introduction about CGS and kindly shared her experience. This followed with a talk by Dr Foo, with topics relating to graduate student life, research and career and suggestions to help the new entrants integrate into new lifestyle.

Ice breaking games and interactive quiz is held and finally everyone enjoyed pizzas and drinks. More than that, we talked and shared stories with each other while having nice food. The event was success and provided new students a chance to get to know our department better and make new friends.

Date: 25th Aug 2017

Place: S8-03-14


Chemistry Graduate Poster Symposium 2017

CGS held the second Chemistry Graduate Poster Symposium on 11th of August. The symposium was hosted to help young researchers from the department to show their research to their contemporaries, gain feedback from leading experts, make new friends, and master presentation skills that would benefit them in the future. From next year onwards, the symposium will be compulsory for the graduate students as the third qualifying examination.

The atrium in University Hall was packed with a total of 37 participants. Four categories were created for the judging panels: Physical and Materials chemistry, Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, and Medicinal Chemistry /Chemical Biology and Analytical Chemistry. The prize for the best poster in each category was a travel allowance of $1500 for an overseas conference. To facilitate communication between the presenters and the audience, people’ s choice awards were also given out to the presenters whose poster received the most votes from the audience. The prize for the people’ s choice award was book coupons worth S$100 from Kinokuniya.

Congratulations to all the winners and best of luck for those overseas conferences! Do NUS Chemistry proud!

Date: 11th Aug 2017

Place: University Hall


Graduate Welcome Party-2017 January

To facilitate interaction and make new friends, CGS held a welcome party for the incoming graduate entrants in the department on 20th January after working hours to help them get around. The party was organised by Han Yi, Yang Xin and Wang Tian. The event was graced by the presence of Prof Ang Wee Han, the graduate chair; and Dr Foo Maw Lin, the CGS faculty advisor. The emcee was our very own IT manager Tao Junrui.

We started with the CGS president Deepshika introducing the new entrants about CGS and its role within the department. This was followed by a talk by Prof Ang Wee Han about what is expected from a graduate student and he highlighted the role of CGS in a graduate student’ s life.

Two more games were held to set the ball rolling, helping the participants to gel with one another and checking general situation and global awareness.

Finally, there were pizzas and drinks for all! The event was a grand success and gave the incoming graduate students a chance to get to know the department better and make new friends.

Date: Jan 2017

Place: S8-03-14



End of Semester pizza Party-2016 Nov

Time flies! CGS committee has spend one year together with the chemistry students. Looking back at the happy time, we shared our experience, and introduced the new CGS committee. The old CGS committee were awarded certificates by Dr, Foo and HOD.

Also, congratulations to the best TA winners!

Same as the pervious events, the event ended with pizza and joy.

Date : Nov 2016

Place : S8-03-14

Photos of End of Semster Pizza Party Nov.2016


Freshers' Orientation-2016 Aug

New Semester is coming! We are here to welcome the new batch of chemistry graduate students! First came the brief events hold by CGS and a welcome talk by Dr. Foo. Then we enjoyed the ice-breaking games. We remembered each others’ name and had lots of fun in the afternoon. The winners of the games even received vouchers and prizes! Our photographer kept this happy memory by the pictures! Finally, pizza arrived! Enjoy the lovely dinner with new friends!

Date : Sep 2016

Place : S8-03-14

Photos of Freshers' Orientation-2016 Aug


Chemistry Graduate Symposium

The end-of-year holidays saw the CGS committee’s hard work and time management skills put to the test as they organised the first Chemistry Graduate Symposium for the department. This symposium will later become the occasion for graduates sitting their 3rd qualifying exam, but this first year was a bit of a trial run to start putting the plans into place. The event was a huge success, with more than 70 participants displaying their posters for all to see. A great afternoon of interdepartmental networking, with everyone sharing their research and surely making new friends and collaborations along the way. There were four categories on display, with a total of 7 prizes to be won for best poster. The winners received a nice cheque for conference travel. There were also five smaller prizes for the “People’s Choice Award” to be voted for by the participants, with the winners receiving vouchers for the NUS Co op shop. Well done to all of the participants, and a huge congratulations to all of the prize winners!

Date : Aug 2016

Place : Universiy Hall

Photos of Chemistry Graduate Symposium


Newsletter "The Elements"

CGS produced the maiden issue of its newsletter “The Elements” for all of the department to read. It contained news and updates regarding everything CGS, as well as some other points of interest from within the chemistry department.

Date : June 2016

Pdf of the newsletter


Academic Writing Workshop

CGS held an event which was very popular with all graduate students, as well as some post doctoral staff members! We all acknowledge and understand that English is not the first language of a large majority of the graduates in the chemistry department, and so a short writing talk was organised for all to attend. Dr Jeffrey Mok from the Centre for English Language Communication was the invited speaker, and his humorous yet informative lecture proved to be a valuable investment of time for all present. The evening was capped off with a chance for all of the attendees to blow off some steam and enjoy some social interaction over pizza and soft drinks.

Date : 21th Apr 2016

Place : LT 27

Photos of Academic Writing Workshop


Fresh Orientation - 2016 January

CGS held it’s first event – a fun-filled orientation for the new graduates – under its new name and with a new committee at the helm. It was a sunny Saturday afternoon at the Faculty of Science, and the weather reflected the mood as the freshers met some of the seniors and everyone took part in some exciting activities. Firstly, after a quick introduction from CGS president Ziming Guo, the freshers were given some helpful tips in a couple of short talks by the seniors. It was followed by an ice-breaking game called “two truths, one lie”, where the participants had to make up silly actions and others had to copy, all while making three statements about themselves. Hilarity ensued as the rest of the group tried to decipher which statement was a lie. The next activity was a real test of faith and communication with others! The trust walk involved several teams where one leader had to communicate only verbally with their blindfolded teammates to guide them around the room to collect balloons of their designated colour. Of course, there were prizes for the team who could finish the fastest! The final activity for the day was the most exciting of them all – the mini amazing race. Teams had to run around the Faculty of Science to different locations, solve a variety of mental challenges, and even put up with a bit of rain! Of course, again, the winning team were rewarded with some fantastic prizes. Waiting back at the executive classroom was a beautiful bouquet of pizza to feed everyone after their hard work during the amazing race. Tasty pizza to finish the afternoon!

Date : January 2016

Place : S8-03-14

Photos of Fresh Orientation 2016


End of Semester Pizza Party

It was an opportunity to chillax and get updated on the happenings around the department. It was a good chance to meet the GTA coordinators At a fairly informal affair - we grabbed some pizza and some drinks, and hung out at the executive classroom. Outstanding TA awards were given to deserving students.

CGS formed from the old CGC by recruiting a new committee after completing a survey of all graduates at the TA awards event organised by the department.

Date : 20th Nov 2015, 6:00 pm

Place : S8-03-14

Photos of End of Semester Pizza Party 2015


Prof J. J. Vittal's Seminar

This seminar aims to motivate the graduate researchers to excel in their research and to scale new heights in the endeavor. From his experience, the speaker has shortlisted the following characteristics of a successful researcher that every research student aspires for.

To have: Love of science. Child-like curiosity. Creative thinking. Imagination & Dream. Motivation. Inspiration & Dedication.

To acquire: Never give-up attitude. Not afraid of failing mentality. Never compromising habit. Critical thinking. Open mind to fresh ideas. Presentation and communication skills. Interpersonal skills.

To practice: Ethics in research. Stand behind reliability and reproducibility of data. Always aim high.

Date : 17th Apr 2012, 2:00 pm

Place : S8-03-04

Photo of Seminar


Interaction Session with Prof Zaworotk

Prof. Zaworotko is Professor of Chemistry at the University of South Florida. His research interests include crystal engineering, nanotechnology, supramolecular chemistry and x-ray crystallography. In this interaction session, we have shown him the facilities in our department and a Q & A session with him.

You may find more information of Prof Zaworotk here.

Date : 8th Feb 2012, 3:00 pm

Place : S9-05-13

Photo of Interaction


Christmas Party

Christmas is coming. It's the most wonderful time of the year. Let's gather together, share the joy and happiness and talk about the new hope, new joy and new beginnings in the coming year. Here, our CGC members want to thank everyone for sticking with us in the past year. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Date : 19th Dec 2011, 6:00 pm

Place : Executive class room

Photo of Christmas Party

Sponsor :
Department of Chemistry

Graduate Welcome Party

A graduate welcome Night for new chemistry students is proposed to warmly welcome new graduate students and to introduce them to current graduate students, which might help them to successfully combat years ahead in NUS. This occasion would allow fresher to quickly shed off all inhibitions in new environment, foster good relationship with each other, bring them closer to senior graduate students, and make them aware of student activities in the department. With this event, we would like to kick start this tradition of welcoming new students and making them part active members in chemistry community.

Date : Friday 5th Aug 2011

Place : Executive class room

Programme Schedule:
5.30 pm - students arrival and will be seated
5.30 - 5.45 - welcome address by Prof.Yao Shao Qin
5.45 - 6.00 - Chemistry Graduate Club introduction (Nimai)
6.00 - 615 - Research and recreational facilities available in chemistry and NUS (Rama)
6.15 - 6.30 - Life in Singapore (Jon)
6.30 - 7.00 - Admixture ( fun games)
7.00 - Dinner

Photo of Graduate Welcome Party

Sponsor :
Department of Chemistry