Chemistry Graduate Society

Department of chemistry
The Chemistry Graduate Society (CGS) is an organistaion by and for the Chemistry Graduate Students of the Department of Chemistry, NUS.Previously known as Chemistry Graduate Club, the graduate stuent community has been dormant. With a new name and renewed fervour, an executive committee was consolidated in 2015. CGS looks forward to an active particiation of the graduate student community and support from the staff.

Mission of Chemistry Graduate Society
The CGS exists to promote cohesion within the Chemistry community in NUS.
To serve as a forum for the Chemistry department staff and the chemistry graduates to interact.
To enrich the academic and social life of all our chemistry graduates members through full and creative utilization of existing resources

CGS aims at the following objectives
Academic exchange (seminars)
Cultural exchange
Graduate life sharing
Sports and recreational activities

In addition, CGS provides opportunities for our graduates to
Improve their academic skills
Build up and maintain the friendship with our chemistry graduates
Promote networking with other communities and faculty members
Provide the platform for connecting with the industry


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