Community Outreach

  • The department organises 2 flagship outreach events on alternating years to promote the chemical sciences to members of the public, particularly students. These events are mainly supported through subsidies and sponsorships, as well as nominal registration fees. The department also supports scientific talks at school events upon request.
  • The Singapore National Crystal Growing Challenge (SNCGC) is organised biennially during the odd-numbered years. The event challenges participants to prepare crystals using different techniques and through this process, learn about the chemical processes that govern crystallisation of the marvellous crystals we encounter in our daily lives.
  • The NUS Chemistry week (NCW) is organised biennially during the even-numbered years. It includes a series of different activities, such as chemistry camps and workshops, and culminates in the Chem•Comm Challenge. Chem•Comm started as early as 1970 and challenges students to articulate advanced concepts in chemistry through oral presentation and new forms of media. The 25th Chem•Comm Callenge in Jun 2019 is entitled “Chemistry Solutions for a Sustainable Future”.
  • We would be delighted to support your schools’ enrichment activities by having an academic present an scientific topic and/or share his research findings upon request. Request should be made at least 3 months in advance. Please click here for the request form.

Campus Visits

  • Several Open House events are scheduled between Feb to May to promote NUS as a choice destination for the pursuit of higher chemistry learning. During these events, members of the public can enquire and compare our latest programme offerings as well as find out about job trends and prospects.
  • NUS Open Day is an university-wide Open House event organised on a Saturday during Feb-Mar at UTown. It is opened to all members of the public.
  • Science Open House is an faculty-wide Open House event organised on a Saturday during May at Faculty of Science. It is opened to all members of the public, targeted at students with an offer of admission to the Science programme.
  • Chemistry Open House is a department event organised during Apr-May. Prospective students with an offer of admission to the Science programme are invited to attend.
  • Campus tours are available upon request by schools (Click here to fill the request form). We welcome applications from upper secondary schools, ITE, polytechnics and JCs.

Student Life

  • The department supports 3 active student bodies catered to different aspects of student life needs through funding and faculty support. The student bodies are represented at the Department Student Life Committee to coordinate various activities and outreach efforts.
  • Chemistry Graduate Society (CGS) represents the graduate students in the department establishes a student support network focusing on community integration, well-being and professional development.
  • Chemical Sciences Society (CSS) is the largest student body and represents the undergraduate students in the department. CSS focusses on student well-being, welfare and integration to the department and NUS.
  • American Chemistry Society Singapore Chapter (ACSSC) is a recent establishment funded externally and they are interested in the promotion of chemistry learning in students in NUS.