China Immersion Program (CHIP)

The CHIP program provides an opportunity for Chemistry students to visit a selected strategic region in China for three weeks during vacation.

For Year 2012:

The application for China Immersion Program (CHIP) 2012 and CM 3303 Overseas Exploratory Project (CHINA) is opened now !!

  • The tentative period for CHIP 2012 will be from the 9th of Dec to the 4th of Jan. 2013.  NUS RI in Suzhou China will be our host for this program. For more information about NUS RI please visit the following website:
  • CHIP program is now a 2-MC module (CM 3303 Overseas Exploratory Project (CHINA)). This module enable students to explore the education and research activities in chemistry and the operation of chemical industry in China through academic visits to various research institutes, chemistry related companies and taking part in different courses. The module is evaluated on “Completed Satisfactory/Completed Unsatisfactory (CS/CU)” basis on the continual assessment and final report. Students will be evaluated individually.
  • In this program, students will have a real-life exposure to chemical educational and research activities and different chemical industries and learn the culture and history in China. You will visit the universities, research institutes and chemical industries related to energy, nanotechniques, medicinal chemistry, environmental chemistry and food technology in the region of Suzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanjing. Besides the academic and industrial visits, this program also provides cultural visits and seminars on chemistry, the local culture, history and economics.
Application deadline: September 17 2012 (Monday)

Fee: S$ 1300. It includes air ticket, travel insurance, accommodation and local transport.

Short listed applicants will be invited for interviews and the successful applicants will be notified by the end of September 2012.

Enquiries: Dr. Zhao Jin,

Participation Requirements

1) Chemistry (including FST) or Applied Chemistry Major;
2) All students from year 1 to year 4;
3) Good extracurricular record;
4) Satisfactory academic performance;


Application Procedures


Download the application form. There is no application fee payable.


Fill up all fields in the form. Incomplete application will NOT be accepted. Do not need to submit transcript.


Submit the completed application form to the Admin Office of Department of Chemistry (S8-03). You can also submit the soft copy of your completed application form by email to Dr. Zhao Jin (

FST students, please approach to Ms. Lee Choon Lai to submit your application.

In 2006, the program visited Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. In early 2007, we visited the south of China In December 2008, we visited Beijing, Tianjing, Dalian and Changchun which are the cities in the north of China. In 2009, we visited Chengdu, Chongqing, Lanzhou, Xi’an and Hong Kong. In 2012, we visited Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Suzhou.

CHIP V - Dec 2012

CHIP trip, 9 Dec 2012 - 2 Jan 2013 Photo Album

CHIP IV - Dec 2009

CHIP trip, 6 Dec - 26 Dec 2009 Photo Album

CHIP III - Dec 2008

CHIP trip, 10 Dec - 31 Dec 2008 Photo Album

CHIP symposium, 20 February 2009 Details & Photo Album

CHIP II - Dec 2007

CHIP symposium, 13 March 2008 Details & Photo Album

CHIP I - 2006

CHIP briefing for May/June 2006 trip, 08 May 2006     Photo Album

CHIP trip, 14 May - 4 June 2006     Photo Album

CHIP symposium, 8 August 2006  Details