Outreach and Student Life

  • As the leading tertiary chemistry education department in Singapore, we play an important role in the promotion of chemical sciences in our society. Our main objectives are to raise awareness of the importance of chemistry in modern living and to motivate members of the public, especially students and young adults, to pursue a deeper understanding of this field of scholarship. We hope to inspire the next generation of thinkers who will lead the development of chemistry in Singapore.
  • The department organises scheduled outreach activities throughout the year which include an annual flagship event and campus visits. The annual flagship event, namely the NUS Chemistry Week and the Singapore Crystal Growing Challenge, is held typically during May/June and targeted at young members of the public. Open Houses are organised between Feb to May and targeted at prospective students. Campus visits are organised on request and targeted at students from upper secondary, ITE, polytechnics and JCs. Please see below for more information.

Click here for more information about the Singapore Chemistry Olympiad (SChO).