The Department Research Portfolio and Highlights AY 2017/18 has just been published. Click here to read it and download the pdf copy here.

Congratulations to Asst Prof GE Shaozhong for receiving the Thieme Chemistry Journal Award 2018.

Congratulations to Assoc Prof ZHAO Yu for winning the Department Outstanding Chemist Award 2017 and Asst Prof GE Shaozhong for winning the Department Young Chemist Award 2017.

Congratulations to Prof Richard WONG Ming Wah for winning the 2018 Fukui Medal awarded by the Asia-Pacific Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemists (APATCC).

Congratulations to Mr FUNG Fun Man for winning the Annual Teaching Excellence Award.

Solar Driven Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Ethylene
Asst Prof YEO Boon Siang Jason and his co-workers have developed an artificial photosynthesis device that facilitates the conversion of carbon dioxide into ethylene with state-of-the-art efficiencies.
Application for M.Sc. in Chemistry for Energy and Environment AY2018/2019 intake is OPEN NOW
Grasp the knowledge of the latest energy and environmental technologies, the understanding on modern materials design and synthesis strategies, and the practical R&D skills within 1 year through the M.Sc. in Chemistry for Energy and Environment programme offered by NUS Chemistry. The application is open now until 15 Mar 2018.
NUS Chemistry turns 88 in 2017
NUS Department of Chemistry celebrated its 88th anniversary with a dinner on 27 Oct 2017 at the Fullerton Hotel. A total of 372 alumni, staff and students have enjoyed the nostalgic evening, reunite and catching up with old professors and friends. In conjunction with this, the Department also published the “Celebrating 88 years of Chemistry in Singapore” commemorative booklet.
Science Student Awards 2017
The annual Science Student Awards ceremony was held at the University Hall on 22nd September 2017. Medals, cash and book vouchers, many of them generously donated by individuals and corporations, were awarded to our top science students as a recognition of their academic excellence in AY2016/2017.
Congratulations to our Chemistry winners : Ethelynne Tan, Ang Shi Hui, Cao Xujun, Glenn Quek, Ong ...
Highly efficient on-chip direct electronic-plasmonic transducers
Assoc Prof Christian NIJHUIS and his research group from the Department of Chemistry, NUS have developed electronic-plasmonic transducers operating at optical frequencies with high efficiencies which are important to bridge high speed photonics and nanoscale electronics. For integrated circuit (IC) technology, there is a need for optical elements and high speed interconnects with small footprints. Surface plasmon polaritons, which ...
Photoredox Functionalizaton of C(sp3)-H Bonds
Asst Prof WU Jie and his research group from the Department of Chemistry, NUS have developed a visible-light-promoted Ni-catalyzed C(sp3)-H alkenylation of ethers and amides with excellent selectivity in a green fashion. The functionalization of carbon–hydrogen (C–H) bonds is one of the most attractive strategies for molecular construction in organic synthesis, owing to its relative abundance in organic ...