Adjunct Staff

Joanne CHAN Sheot Harn
Assistant Professor
M.Sc. in Chemistry, 2001, National University of Singapore
B.Sc. (Hon), 1992, National University of Singapore
(Health Sciences Authority)
CHUA Sin Bin
Bachelor of Veterinary Science(Hons), University of Queensland
Klement FOO Jihao
Assistant Professor
B.Sc., 2008, Imperial College London; Ph.D., 2014, The Scripps Research Institute
HUNG Wei Alvin
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Cambridge University
B.Sc. University of Wisconsin Madison
Postdoc. Harvard University
Associate Professor
B.Sc., 1990, Shandong University; M.Sc., 1993, Shandong University; Ph.D., 2002, National University of Singapore
LIM Lic-Kiam, Lincoln
Assistant Professor
(Abbott Nutrition)
NG Man Fai
Assistant Professor
B.Sc. (Chemistry), The University of Hong Kong (1998); Ph.D. (Theoretical Chemistry), The University of Hong Kong (2003)
ONG Kheng Chuan Peter
Associate Professor
PhD Cornell University, MSc, BSc Michigan State University
(KH Roberts)
Takuya SATO
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., 2006 and M.S., 2000 in Agricultural Science, Tohoku University, Sendai, JAPAN; B.Sc. in Agriculture, 1998 Tohoku University, Sendai, JAPAN
SU Xiaodi
Associate Professor
PhD in Analytical Chemistry from Nankai University, China
Associate Professor
PhD University of Minnesota, B.A. cum laude St. John's University
(Institute of High Performance Computing)

TAN Song Wei, Benjamin
D.Phil. (Organic Chemistry), University of Oxford, 2014; B.Sc. (Chemistry), National University of Chemistry, 2009
TAN Yen Nee
Assistant Professor
B. Eng. (Chem.), NUS, ; M.Sc. and Ph.D. (Molecular Engineering of the Chemical and Biological Systems), Singapore-MIT Alliance, NUS
TOMCZAK, Nikodem
Associate Professor

Ph.D., 2005, University of Twente
Associate Professor

PhD, BSc(Hons) National University of Singapore
(DSO National Laboratories)
Assistant Professor
B.Sc., 1994, Shandong University; M.Sc., 1997, Fudan University; Ph.D., National University of Singapore.
WONG Shih Peng, Wilson
Assistant Professor
B.Appl.Sc., 2004, National University of Singapore; Ph.D., 2012, National University of Singapore
XU Jianwei
Associate Professor
B.Sc., 1988, and M.Sc., 1991, Nanjing University; Ph.D., 2002, National University of Singapore
Jackie YING
PhD Princeton Universtiy
Associate Professor
B.Sc.; M.Sc., Wuhan University; Ph.D., Max-Planck Institute for Polymer Research & Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz