Adjunct Assistant Professor HUNG Wei Alvin

Postdoc: Harvard University/The Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT (USA)
Ph.D.: Cambridge University (UK)
B.Sc.: University of Wisconsin Madison (USA)

Contact Information

Experimental Therapeutic Centre (ETC)
11 Biopolis Way, Helios
Singapore 138667 

Tel: (65)-6407-4131
DID: (65)-6407-4131

Research Interests

  • Fragment-based drug discovery  – Work done in the group is highly multidisciplinary spanning the use of chemistry, biophysics and structural biology to target areas in oncology and infectious diseases.
  • D2a – D3 phase of drug discovery – Lead optimization – Optmization of Potency, Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamics (PK/PD), ADME and Toxicity profiles.
  • Diversity Oriented Synthesis – Build/Couple/Pair Algorithem for small molecule probe discovery and DOS-fragments


Representative Publications

Fragment-based drug discovery