Adjunct Assistant Professor Takuya SATO

Ph.D. in Agricultural Science, 2006 Tohoku University, Sendai, JAPAN
M.S. in Agricultural Science, 2000 Tohoku University, Sendai, JAPAN
B.Sc. in Agriculture, 1998 Tohoku University, Sendai, JAPAN

Contact Information

Kikkoman Singapore R&D Laboratory Pte Ltd
11 Biopolis Way, #05-01 Helios
Singapore 138667 

Tel: (65)-6774-6061
Fax: (65)-6774-6067

Research Interests

  • Screening functional bioactive compound in edible plants.
  • Reducing sodium level in various processed foods.
  • Top-down mass spectrometric characterization of hormones in human saliva.


Representative Publications

  • Shazer III W.H., Jiménez-Maroto, L.A., Sato, T., Rankin, S.A., Sindelar, J.J. (2017) Reducing Sodium in Processes Meats Using Traditionally Brewed Soy Sauce and Fermented Flavor Enhancer. Meat and Muscle Biology, 1, 122-137.

  • Jiménez-Maroto, L.A., Sato, T., Rankin, S.A. (2013) Saltiness potentiation in white bread by substituting sodium chloride with a fermented soy ingredient. Journal of Cereal Science, 58, 313-317.
  • Peng, Y., Chen, X., Sato, T., Rankin, S.A., Tsuji, R.F., Ge, Y. (2012) Purification and high-resolution top-down mass spectrometric characterization of human salivary α-Amylase. Analytical Chemistry, 84, 3339-3346.
  • McGough, M.M., Sato, T., Rankin, S.A., Sindelar, J.J. (2012) Reducing sodium levels in frankfurters by using Natural Flavor Enhancer. Meat Science, 91, 185-194.
  • McGough, M.M., Sato, T., Rankin, S.A., Sindelar, J.J. (2012) Reducing sodium levels in frankfurters by using naturally brewed soy sauce. Meat Science, 91, 69-78.
  • Sato, T., Shinohara, Y., Kaneko, D., Nishimura, I., Matsuyama, A. (2010) Fermented soymilk increases voluntary wheel running activity and sexual behavior in male rats. Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, 35, 749-754.
  • Yamakoshi, J., Fukuda, S., Sato, T., Tsuji, R., Saito, M., Obata, A., Matsuyama, A., Kikuchi, M., Kawasaki, T. (2007) Antihypertensive and natriuretic effects of less-sodium soy sauce containing gamma-aminobutyric acid  in spontaneously hypertensive rats. Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry, 71, 165-173.
  • Sato, T., Yamakoshi, J.,Saito, M., Izumi, T., Matsuyama, A., Kikuchi, M., Yamaguchi, T. (2006) Nephrocalcinosis formation by soy isoflavones in male rats. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 54, 5659-5663.