Adjunct Assistant Professor WANG Fuke

B.Sc., 1994, Shandong University; M.Sc., 1997, Fudan University; Ph.D., National University of Singapore.

Contact Information

Department of Chemistry, NUS 
3 Science Drive 3 
Singapore 117543 

Tel: (65)-6514-1421
Fax: (65)-6872-7528

Research Interests

  • Carbon fibers and carbon films based nanocomposites
    Organic-inorganic hybrid materials have long been known to play a major role in developing high-performance and high-functional materials. The hybrid materials are expected to exhibit both advantages of organic and inorganic materials. Our research focus on the enhancement of materials mechanical strength and development new functional materials by using carbon fibers (such as SWNT and MWNT) and carbon films (graphene oxide) as nanofillers.

  • Nano- and bio-assembly materials
    Hierarchically ordered structures are important for increase of efficiency of electronic and optical nanodevices. Currently, most ordered nanostructures are fabricated by costly and complicated lithographic techniques. We are interested in large scale fabrication of hierarchical nano-/micro- structures by using biotemplates and nanoparticles self-assembly. Through employing the numerous selections for nano- and microstructures from nature, or by controlling the environment of nanoparticles solution, we are able to get large scale hierarchically ordered structures in nano- and micro- scales.

Representative Publications

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