Teaching Assistant ONG Yue Ying

B.Sc. (Hons), PhD, National University of Singapore

Contact Information

Office: S5-04-08
Tel: (65)-6516-2665 | Fax: (65)-6779-1691
Email: chmoyy@nus.edu.sg


Research Interests

  • Examining Current Chemistry Program and Exploring Areas of Improvement
  • Studying to Minimise Chemical Waste Generated in Teaching Laboratories
  • Enhancing Student Learning through Better Feedback System
  • Research interests in applications of organic chemistry and materials, spectroscopic study of coordination complexes, analytical methods, etc


Teaching Contributions

  • CM1401 Chemistry for Life Sciences
  • CM1501 Organic Chemistry for Engineers
  • CM2191 Experiments in Chemistry 2
  • CM5201 Practical Synthetic and Analytical Chemistry


Representative Publications

  • Md Yasin, N.Y.; Ong, Y.Y. Evaluating the Relevance of the Chemistry Curriculum to the Workplace: Keeping Tertiary Education Relevant. J. Chem. Educ. 201794, 1443–1449.
  • Ong, Y.Y.; Ho, S.W.; Sekhar, V.N. et al. Underfill Selection, Characterization and Reliability Study for Fine-Pitch, Large Die Cu/low-K Flip Chip Package. IEEE Trans. Compon. Packaging Manuf. Technol. 20111, 279 – 290.
  • Ong, Y.Y.; Ho, S. W.; Vaidyanathan, K. et al. Design, assembly and reliability of large die and fine-pitch Cu/low-k flip chip package. Microelectron. Reliab. 201050, 986-994.
  • Ong, Y.Y.; Chai, T. C.; Yu, D. et al. Assembly and Reliability of Microbumped chips with Through-silicon Vias (TSV) interposer. In Proceedings of the 11th  Electronics Packaging Technology Conference, 2009; pp 452-458.
  • Ong, Y.Y.;  Kripesh, V.; Ho, S.W. et al. Design, Assembly and Reliability of Large Die (21x21mm2) and Fine-pitch (150μm) Cu/low-k Flip Chip Package. In Proceedings of the 10th Electronic Packaging Technology Conference, 2008; pp 613-619.
  • Ong, Y.Y.; Lim, Y. L.; Yan, L.L.; Vempati, S.; Liao, E.B.; Kripesh, V.; Yoon, S.U. Self-Assembly of components Using Shape-Matching. In the Proceedings of the 9th Electronic Packaging Technology Conference, 2007; pp 826-829.
  • Neo, K. E.; Ong, Y.Y.; Huynh, H.V.; Hor, T.S.A. A single-molecular pathway from heterometallic MM′ (M = BaII, MnII; M′ = CrIII) oxalato complexes to intermetallic composite oxides. J. Mater. Chem.2007, 17, 1002 – 1006.
  • Lim, Y.L.; Ong, Y.Y.; Yan, L.L.; Kripesh, V. S. R. Method for micro component self-assembly, 2007, US Patent 20090116207.
  • Ong, Y.Y.; Lim, Y.L.; Yan, L.L.; Liao, E.B.; Kripesh, V. Dry Self-Assembly & Gangbonding of Microcomponents from Silicon Carrier to Substrate Wafer. In the Proceedings of IEMT, 2006, pp 486-491.
  • Ong, Y. Y.; Yan, L.L.; Kripesh, V. Removal of Self-Assembled Monolayer on Gold Substrates. In the Proceedings of APCOT, 2006.