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Linus C. PAULING, California Institute of Technology
PhD (1925):
"X-Ray Structure of the mineral molybdenite (MoS2)" - Roscoe Dickinson (Advisor)

L.O. BROCKWAY, California Institute of Technology
PhD (1933): “Electron diffraction and the molecular structure of gases. The crystal structure of chalcopyrite”


Robert Louis LIVINGSTON, The University of Michigan
PhD (1944): “The molecular structures of the methylchlorosilanes of trifluorochlorosilane and of certain organic fluorides”



Chintamani Nagesa Ramachandra RAO, Purdue University
PhD (1958): “Molecular structure investigations by electron diffraction”

Kashinath C. PATIL, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
PhD (1967): “Studies of some solid state decompositions and the silver nitrate-iodine reaction”



Jagadese J. VITTAL, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
PhD (1982):
“Studies on hydrazinium salts”



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