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Courses currently teaching at NUS

o        CM2111 – Inorganic Chemistry (from 2006) Semester II 

o        CM5243 – X-Ray Crystallography – A Practical Approach (Elective module with 10-30 graduate students). The course was developed and taught every year from 1999. Average class strength, 20-30 students. Semester I

Courses Taught in the past NUS

Formal Lectures

o        CM5241 – Modern Analytical Techniques (Elective module with 25-50 graduate students) - with Professors Sam Li and Lee Hian Kee, 1997 and 1998. Average class size 30-40 students

o        CM4214 – Structural Methods in Inorganic Chemistry (Elective module with 25-50 graduate students). With Professors Leung Pak Hing and Mok Kum Fun (1997 & 1998). Taught full module every year from 1999 to 2003 and again from 2005. Average class size, 25-35 students. This includes tutorial sessions.

o        CM2111 – Co-teaching Inorganic Chemistry (Essential Module with ~200 undergraduate students). 1997-1999. Taught the full module in the special term 2000. Average class strength, 180-200 students. This includes tutorial sessions containing a group of 10-12 students.

o        CM1111 – Basic Inorganic Chemistry (Essential Module with ~ 400 undergraduate students), 2003 & 2004. Class size on the average of 380-410 students


o        CM1101 Principles of Modern Chemistry (1998 &1999) – A class of about 10 students per tutorial group. 

o        CM1111 Basic Inorganic Chemistry (1999 & 2000) – A class of about 10 students per group.

Laboratory Courses

o        CM2192 Experimental Physical Chemistry (1997 & 1998). Class size 60.

o        CM2191 Experiments in Inorganic and Organic Chemistry (1999). Class size 60.

o        CM2111 Inorganic Chemistry Practicals (2001). Class size 60.

o        CM2101 Principles of Spectroscopy Practicals (2001). Class size 60.

o        CM3291 Advanced Inorganic and Organic Chemistry Experiments, 1998, from 2000. Class size 60.

o        CM1111 Basic Inorganic Chemistry Practicals, 2003. Class size 60.


Educational Workshop Conducted:

o        Two-day Short Course in Small Molecule X-ray Crystallography at the Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences, Jurong Island, Singapore May 10-11, 2005.

o        Special Program in Science: Talk on ‘Symmetry in molecules and crystals’ to a group of about 50 students on March 8, 2005.

o        Organized a five-day workshop and training course on the crystallographic software program SHELXTL by Dr. Ludger Haming, Bruker AXS, Germany, October 16-20, 2000. More than 20 graduate students of the department were given hands-on tutorials in the X-Ray diffraction laboratory.

o        Undergraduate Scientific Essay Writing Projects: Under the Science Foundation Module SFM 1100 twelve different projects were guided from 1997 to 2002 involving about 100 first year students.



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