Associate Professor ANG Siau Gek

(Vice Dean – Academic of School of Continuing and Lifelong Education)

B.Sc., National University of Singapore, 1981; M.Sc., National University of Singapore, 1984; Ph.D., Cambridge University, 1987.

Contact Information

Office: S5-05-06
Tel: (65)-6516-2840 | Fax: (65)-6779-1691


Recognition and Achievements

  • Chevalier in the Order of the Palmes Academiques, French Ministry of Youth, Education and Research, 2004
  • Public Administration Medal (Bronze), National Day Awards, Singapore, 2010


Research Interests

We study structures of organometallic compounds using a variety of spectroscopic and other physical techniques including X-ray diffraction and surface analytical methods. Our current main interest is in the fabrication and study of organometallic nanostructures.


Research Highlight

Ref: Gu, F.; Xu, G.Q.; Ang, S.G., Fabrication of CuTAPc polymer nanowires and nanotubes by electropolymerization. Nanotechnology 2008, 19, 145606.

We are studying the fabrication of amine derivatives of metal phthalocyanines (MTAPc) as organometallic nanowires via electropolymerization using porous alumina filters as templates. The characterization of these nanowires is carried out using field-emission scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM), and the interaction of these polymeric nanowires with oxidising gases is being investigated for possible applications as chemical sensors.


Representative Publications 

  • Yap, C.M.; Xu, G.Q.; Ang, S.G. Amperometric Nitric Oxide Sensor Based on Nanoporous Platinum Phthalocyanine Modified Electrodes. Anal. Chem. 2013, 85, 107-113.
  • Wu, J.; Xu, T.; Ang, S.G.; Xu, Q.-H.; Xu, G.Q. Radially-Oriented Anthracene Nanowire Arrays: Preparation, Growth Mechanism, and Optical Fluorescence. Nanoscale 2011, 3, 1855-1860.
  • Wu, J.; Binni, V.; Zhou, X.; Teo, S.Y.; Sow, C.H.; Ang, S.G.; Xu, G.Q. Interconnected Networks of Zn(NO3)(2)center dot 6(H2O) Nanotubes and Its Solid-Phase Transformation into Porous Zinc Oxide Architectures. Chem. Mater. 2010, 22, 1533-1539.
  • Gu, F.; Sow, C.H.; Xu, G.Q.; Ang, S.G. Fabrication and Field Emission Properties of Poly-CuTAPc Nanowires and Nanotubes. Aust. J. Chem. 2009, 62, 1-7.
  • Gu, F.; Xu, G.Q.; Ang, S.G. Studies on CuTAPc-Nanotube-Modified Electrodes as Chemical Sensors for NO. Nanotechnology 2009, 20, 305501.
  • Gu, F.; Xu, G.Q.; Ang, S.G. Fabrication of CuTAPc Polymer Nanowires and Nanotubes by Electropolymerization. Nanotechnology 2008, 19, 145606.
  • Sun, B. W.; Zhang, M. S.; Yang, G. Y.; Ang, S. G.; Ang, H. G. Decacarbonyl-1K3C,2K3C,3K4C-(m-Pentafluorophenyl – Hydrazine – 1K: 2KN ) - Triangulo-Triosmium: a Hydrazino-Edge-Bridged   Triangular Triosmium Cluster. Acta Crystallogr. E. 2005, 61, M2419-M2420.