Associate Professor CHUA Lay Lay

(Assistant Head – Graduate Programmes)

B.Sc. Computational Chemistry, NUS, 1995; Engineer, then Principal  Engineer, Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, 1995-2001; Member of Technical Staff, Bell Laboratories, 2001-2002;  Research Associate, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, 2002-2003; Research Fellow, ONDL, Physics, NUS, 2004-2008; Ph.D. Physics, University of Cambridge.

Contact Information 

Office: S7-03-12
Tel: (65)-6516-4834 | Fax: (65)-6779-1691
Email: | Personal webpage


Research Interests

My research program focuses on materials and processing development to advance the science and technology of polymer organic semiconductors including organic polymer−graphene hybrids. Several device chemistry aspects that is central to Organic Electronics, including structure-morphology–property relations and energy-level engineering. 


Research Highlight

Ref: Tang, C. G.; Ang, M. C. Y.; Choo, K. K.; Keerthi, V.; Tan, J. K.; Nur Syafiqah, M.; Kugler, T.; Burroughes, J. H.; Png, R. Q.; Chua, L. L.; Ho, P. K. H. Doped polymer semiconductors with ultrahigh and ultralow work functions for ohmic contacts. Nature 2016, 539, 536 [Highlighted by Nature News & Views 2016 same issue].

To make high-performance semiconductor devices, good ohmic contacts between the electrode and the semiconductor layer are required to enable the maximum current density across the contact. Hole-doped polymer organic semiconductors are available in a limited workfunction range but hole- and electron doped materials with ultralow and ultrahigh work functions are not yet available. The key challenges are stabilizing the thin films against de-doping and suppressing dopant migrants. Here we report a general strategy to overcome these limitations and achieved solution-processable doped films over a wide range of work function (3.0-5.8 eV).


Teaching Contributions

  • CM4253 Materials Chemistry 2
  • CM4254 Chemistry of Semiconductors


Representative Publications 

  • Kam, F. Y.; Png R. Q.; Ang M. C. Y.; Kumar, P.; Rubi, K.; Mahendiran, R.; Solomeshch, O.; Tessler, N.; Lim, G. K.; Chua, L. L.; Ho, P. K. H. Solution-Processed 2-Dimensional Hole-Doped Ionic Graphene Compound. Mater. Horiz. 2017, 4, 456.
  • Seah, W. L.; Tang, C. G.; Png, R. Q.; Keerthi, V.; Zhao, C.; Guo, H.; Yang, J. G.; Zhou, M.; Ho, P. K. H.; Chua, L. L. Interface Doping for Ohmic Organic Semiconductor Contacts Using Self-Aligned Polyelectrolyte Counterion Monolayer. Adv. Funct. Mater. 2017, 1606291.
  • Tang, C. G.; Ang, M. C. Y.; Choo, K. K.; Keerthi, V.; Tan, J. K.; Nur Syafiqah, M.; Kugler, T.; Burroughes, J.H.; Png, R. Q.; Chua, L. L.; Ho, P. K. H. Doped Polymer Semiconductors with Ultrahigh and Ultralow Work Functions for Ohmic Contacts. Nature  2016, 539, 536.
  • Png, R. Q.; Ang, M. C. Y; Teo, M. H.; Choo, K. K.; Tang, C. G.; Belaineh, D.; Chua, L. L.; Ho, P. K. H. Madelung and Hubbard Interactions in Polaron Band Model of Doped Organic Semiconductors. Nat. Commun.  2016, 7, 11948.
  • Yang, J. G.; Seah, W. L.; Guo, H.; Tan, J. K.; Zhou, M.; Matsubara, R.; Nakamura, N.; Png, R. Q.; Ho, P. K. H.; Chua, L. L. Characterization of Ohmic Contacts in Polymer Organic Ffield-Effect Transistors. Org. Electron. 2016, 37, 491.