Associate Professor LAM Yulin

B.Sc.(Hons), National University of Singapore, 1987; Ph.D., National University of Singapore, 1992; Research Fellow, The Scripps Research Institute, 1992-1994; Research Fellow, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, 1994-1996.

Contact Information 

Office: S5-03-04
Tel: (65)-6516-2688 | Fax: (65)-6779-1691


ORCID: 0000-0003-0984-9492
ResearcherID: B-1755-2018


Research Interests

Our research interests include (i) bioorganic and medicinal chemistry, and (ii) green chemical synthesis. Specific foci are:

  • Synthesis and biological evaluations of novel organic compounds and natural product derivatives as potential anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and neurological agents;
  • Development of recyclable, fluorous reagents and catalysts for organic transformations in water.


Research Highlight

Ref: Chondroitin 6-sulfate (CS-C) is an important glycosaminoglycan that regulates many physiological functions. To understand its mechanism of action at the molecular level, CS-C molecules of defined length are required. Though various synthetic approaches have been described, the synthesis routes are generally long (15-30 steps). Herein, we report an expedient three-step synthesis which gives CS-C disaccharide 1 and tetrasaccharide 2 in 22% and 10% overall yields (earlier reports: 3-5% overall yield for 1 and 1-2% overall yield for 2). No protecting groups were used and minimal purification was required. (Org. Lett. 2019, 21, 4559-4562).



Ref: Herein we revealed Z-(+)-isochaihulactone 1 (a natural product isolated from the root of Bupleurum scorzonerifolium) exhibited significant inhibition against MDR cancer cell lines and mice xenografts. By identifying the pharmacophore of 1, we elucidated that an affinity-driven Michael addition of the noncatalytic C247 of GAPDH controlled the “ON/OFF” switch of apoptosis through non-canonically nuclear GAPDH translocation, which bypasses the common apoptosis-resistant route of MDR cancers (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2018, 57, 7040-7045).



Teaching Contributions

  • CM1121 Organic Chemistry 1
  • CM5224 Emerging Concepts in Drug Discovery


Representative Publications 

  • Y-J Tan, A Ali, S-Y Tee, J-T Teo, Y Xi, M-L Go and Y Lam. "Galloyl Esters of Trans-stilbenes are Inhibitors of FASN with Anticancer Activity on Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Cells" Eur J Med Chem, 2019, 182, 111597-111610.
  • Y S Chng, G Tristan, G W Yip and Y Lam. "Protecting-Group-Free Synthesis of Chondroitin 6-Sulfate Disaccharide and Tetrasaccharide" Org Lett, 2019, 21, 4559-4562
  • W Susanto, K-H Kong, K-F Hua, S-H Wu and Y Lam. "Synthesis of the Trisaccharide Repeating Unit of Capsular Polysaccharide from Klebsiella Pneumoniae" Tetrahedron Lett, 2019, 60, 288-291.
  • J Chern, C-P Lu, Z Fang, C-M Chang, K-F Hua, Y-T Chen, C Y Ng, Y-L S Chen, Y Lam, and S-H Wu. "Affinity-driven Covalent Modulator of Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate Dehydrogenase (GAPDH) Cascade" Angew Chem Int Ed, 2018 , 57, 7040-7045.
  • C Y Ng, S Kannan, Y J Chen, F C K Tan, W Y Ong, M L Go, C S Verma, C-M Low and Y Lam. "A New Generation of Arachidonic Acid Analogues as Potential Neurological Agent Targeting Cytosolic Phospholipase A2" Sci Rep, 2017, 7, 13683.
  • C Y Ng, T X W Kwok, F C K Tan, C-M Low and Y Lam. "Fluorogenic Probes to Monitor Cytosolic Phospholipase A2 " Activity Chem Commun, 2017, 53, 1813-1816 (DOI 10.1039/c6cc09305a)
  • W J Ang, Y S Chng and Y Lam. “Fluorous Bispidine: A Bifunctional Reagent for Copper-catalyzed Oxidation and Knoevenagel Condensation Reaction in Water" RSC Advances, 2015, 5, 81415-81428.
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