B.Sc., 1982, Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology; M.Eng., 1985, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Ph.D., 1991, The University of Queensland

Contact Information

Department of Chemistry, NUS 
3 Science Drive 3 
Singapore 117543 
Office: S14-05-01
Tel: (65)-6516-3501
Fax: (65)-6775-7895

Research Interests

My research interests are in the food engineering and food processing areas, particularly food process modelling and optimisation, advanced process control, baking processes, dairy processes, drying, functional foods and the effect of food processing on some functional components such as isoflavones and antioxidants.

Food processes are characterised by their high non-linearity, lack of suitable sensors (e.g. sensors for composition, flavour and taste), lack of reliable process models (both dynamic models and steady state models), batch processing, high hygiene requirement, and large/seasonal variations in raw materials, among other issues.

Making a food production process a success often means that firstly the process has been optimised in its design and secondly the process has always been well controlled during its operation. These tasks demand high quality process models, availability of sensors, and robust control strategies. Our research covers all these important areas.

Modelling and optimisation: neural network modelling, hybrid neural modelling, CFD modelling, mechanistic modelling, RSM, application of fractals to food property characterisation, multi-objective optimisation.

Sensor development: soft sensors, online sensors, sensors for special operating conditions.

Advanced process control: multivariable control, robust control, nonlinear model-based control, generic model control, passivity systems, L2 gain, time-delay compensation, constraint handling.

The current and recently completed projects include the modelling and optimization of an industrial continuous bread baking oven and its control system, the development of functional bakery products with green tea antioxidants, the study of bread colour development, the study of osmotic dehydration of food with edible film coating, the investigation of structural relaxation of amorphous food materials, the development of new generation rapid test kits for frying oils, the study of high intensity ultrasound aided yoghurt processing, and the application of advanced modelling techniques such as artificial neural network, fractals and CFD to several food processes.

Representative Publications

(* denotes corresponding author)

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