Assistant Professor ZHU Ye

B.S., 2006, Peking University; Ph.D., 2012, The University of Chicago; Postdoctoral Fellow, 2014, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Senior Research Investigator, 2018, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Contact Information

Office: S5-04-07
Tel: (65)-6601-7501 | Fax: (65)-6779-1691


ORCID: 0000-0002-8566-576X
ResearcherID: C-4610-2014


Research Interests

Chemical synthesis of biologically relevant molecules remains the rate-limiting step in drug discovery and development despite the tremendous progress that has been made in academia and industry. Our research focuses on inventing and developing enabling chemical tools to address significant synthetic challenges facing biomedical sciences and pharmaceutical industry, thus accelerating creation of potential new medicines. To achieve this goal, our effort will be directed towards:

  • Innovating catalytic reactions that are compatible with molecules containing unprotected polar groups and heterocycles;
  • Designing and developing novel reagents for late-stage functionalization of complex synthetic molecules and natural products;
  • Discovering chemical transformations that are broadly applicable to complex biomolecules under physiological conditions.


Teaching Contributions  

  • CM5224 Emerging Concepts in Drug Discovery


Representative Publications  

  • Beutner, G.; Carrasquillo, R.; Geng, P.; Hsiao, Y.; Huang, E. C.; Janey, J.; Katipally, K.; Kolotuchin, S.; La Porte, T.; Lee, A.; Lobben, P.; Lora-Gonzalez, F.; Mack, B.; Mudryk, B.; Qiu, Y.; Qian, X.; Ramirez, A.; Razler, T. M.; Rosner, T.; Shi, Z.; Simmons, E.; Stevens, J.; Wang, J.; Wei, C.; Wisniewski, S. R.; Zhu, Y. Adventures in Atropisomerism: Total Synthesis of a Complex Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient with Two Chirality Axes. Organic Letters 2018, 20, 3736–3740.
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