Faculty Highlights

Chemical Education in Singapore has a tried and tested history dating back to 1928 when Chemistry was first taught at Raffles College. The high standards set have been maintained as tertiary education evolved and developed to what we have today at the National University of Singapore, the premier university in the country. International recognition, national needs, aspirations and relevance have always been the driving forces in the development of the Department, its teaching and research programs.

The Department of Chemistry took up residence on the present campus at Kent Ridge in 1981. Since then, the staff and student enrolment have grown to its present level of ~50 faculty members, ~300 full-time graduate students and over 800 undergraduate students. Most of its faculty members are internationally recognised scientists whose specialities cover sub-disciplines in chemistry, such as analytical science, inorganic and organometallic synthesis, organic synthesis, materials and natural products, surface science and catalysis, as well as theoretical chemistry and spectroscopy.

The interaction between the department and a range of national research institutes have helped foster inquiry in traditional areas of the discipline and at the interface, between chemistry and other physical and biological sciences, and engineering. These collaborations help to instil a sense of collegiality and enthusiasm in the exchange of ideas, making the department an especially attractive and exciting place to conduct research. Students benefit from this atmosphere at many levels. The field of chemistry within the supporting structure of the university, as much as any single research group, is a valuable source of new insights and intellectual inspiration in research.

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