Analytical Chemistry - the study of the science or chemistry of measurement - has always been an important part of the Department of Chemistry. Despite the relatively small number of faculty members making up the analytical chemistry group, the impact made by its members has been disproportionately immense. Two of the faculty members in the analytical group have won the NUS Outstanding University Researcher award in recent years. A company spun off from the research of one of its faculty members in the 1980s became an industry leader in handheld measurement instruments. In the 1990s, another company founded by several other faculty members from the department developed the world's first and only commercially available portable capillary electrophoresis system. Faculty members from the analytical chemistry group have also mentored graduate students who have become highly successful entrepreneurs, including two who set up membrane-based companies  which are now listed on Singapore's stock exchange. It is this spirit of enterprise as well as engagement in impactful, internationally recognized research that has defined the analytical group over the years. The Department is renowned for making pioneering developments in electroanalytical chemistry from the time NUS came into being in the early 1980s, then separation science including liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis, and more recently, in portable instrumentation, materials, sensors and miniaturized sample preparation. Applications in environmental, food and biological analysis are the primary foci of the techniques developed by the group.

Analytical chemistry in general garners tremendous interest amongst the department's students, both undergraduate and graduate. Our laboraratories are well equipped with the latest facilities and, together with the lecture modules offered, provide rigorous and well-rounded education and training in analytical chemistry  for our students. Our alumni are highly sought after, and are found in every segment of private industry, the public sector and in academia, both in Singapore and well beyond. The analytical chemistry group left a strong legacy at the end of the last century, and its present members  will continue to offer its well-regarded undergraduate programmes, and to maintain its excellent research and preeminent international profile,  as the department progresses through the 21st century.