Graduate Students/ Research Staff


Safety Training

All new staff and graduate students must attend the Faculty Safety Training and the Department Safety workshops held at the start of each semester.


Safety Tests

All research staff, graduate students, visitors to the lab are required to view and pass relevant OSHE safety modules at the IVLE. For those working in the lab, OSHGEN01 on Laboratory Safety Induction Training, and OSHCHM01 on Chemical Safety, OSHGEN06 on Risk Management for Laboratories and OSHF S01 on Fire Safety are mandatory. Other OSHE courses as prescribed by your PI for work in the individual labs should be taken.
For non-lab staff and students, OSHGEN03 - An Introduction to Safety, Health and Emergency Management and OSHGEN07 - Risk Management for General Workplaces are required.

In addition, all graduate students, research staff, laboratory staff working in Chemistry must sit for the departmental safety test which covers knowledge in basic chemistry, awareness of safety practices, departmental rules and regulations and safety legislations. The Department requires that you are aware of all safety rules and regulations before you work or teach in its laboratories. Students doing MSc by Coursework can take the test depending on the decision of the supervisor. The safety test must be taken within 3 months of joining the department. This test is not for undergraduates including UROPS and FYP students. In accordance with University’s rules, all undergraduates in the labs must work under supervision at all times. Undergraduate students are not allowed to have transponders to access laboratories.


Purchase, Storage and Inventory of Chemicals

All chemicals purchased in the Department of Chemicals are tracked from the purchase to delivery to storage in the individual labs. This is achieved through the departmental ES Online Chemstore System, a customised intelligent software for chemical control implemented in the department since 2012. A purchase order must be generated for any chemical purchased.  All chemicals are barcoded and the quantity of chemicals is regularly updated via a scanner and online weighing balance.



Emergency number: 6874 1616
Maintenance response number: 6516 1515


Evacuation procedure

In the event of an evacuation, follow the route given in the Dept of Chemistry Emergency Evacuation Route map.  Never use a lift.  Assemble away from danger and clear of the building.  Do not re-enter the building until you are told that it is safe to do so.