Health and Safety


Department Safety Mission

The Department of Chemistry is committed to the provision of a safe and healthy working, training and learning environment for all its faculty members, non-academic staff members, students and visitors. The Department aims to prevent any accidents from occurring and will take all possible steps to make the Department a safe workplace. Where reasonably and practically possible, the Department is committed to:

1. Safety and Health

Making every effort to ensure health and safety in all phases of teaching, research, and in the development and commissioning of equipment/experiments and facilities. In this respect, we will identify all safety and health hazards and review constantly safety and health policies, rules and guidelines to reduce, if not eliminate, any hazards present. We will ensure that all faculty members, nonacademic staff members, students, contractors and visitors take it as a personal responsibility to prevent injury to themselves and/or their colleagues.

2. No Accidents and Injuries

Making every effort to achieve a safe and healthy working environment.

3. Environmental Protection

Making every effort to minimize and defuse wastes and emissions so as to preserve the local environment and also to save energy and natural resources in order to ensure that the global environment can be protected.

4. Conformance with Laws and Regulations

Complying with all relevant University and legal requirements in relation to safety, health and environmental policies.

5. Education and Training

Establishing and promoting safety and health awareness by offering both in-house

or external training courses, and communicating the importance of such awareness to prevent accidents and injuries.

6. Continual Improvement

Establishing and implementing a management system to ensure health and safety in our activities as well as to protect the environment, and continually improving this system at all levels of our organization.