Master of Science in Chemistry for Energy & Environment

Why study the Master of Science in Chemistry for Energy & Environment?

Energy and environment technologies are important R&D areas for the future development of mankind. As our economy continues to grow, the global appetite for energy and resources swells. With our finite supply of fossil fuels projected to eventually run out, a shift towards more sustainable clean energy sources has started. In addition, ensuring a supply of clean water and maintaining a habitable environment have long been important issues in many countries including Singapore. Economic development coupled with population growth directly affects the livability of the environment and also competes for land resources required for water catchment.

This programme provides you with a good broad knowledge of the latest energy and environmental technologies, including some background in regulatory policies and risk assessments. You will gain a deep understanding in modern materials design and synthesis strategies, advance characterization and analytical techniques, and the study of chemical structures and materials properties. You will be trained hands-on also in practical R&D skills in synthesis and characterization, fabrication and performance testing, information and literature retrieval, as well as critical interpretation and analysis.

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