Congratulations to Professors Wu Jishan and Liu Xiaogang for winning the 2019 National Research Foundation (NRF) Investigatorship.
Congratulations to Dr Rowan Young for winning the Thieme Chemistry Journals Award 2019.
Congratulations to Dr Chong Yuan Yi and Dr Michael Yudistira for winning the Faculty Teaching Excellence Award AY2017/2018.
Congratulations to Mr Hao Zhongkai and Mr Albert Ong for winning the Teaching Assistant (Part-time) Award AY2017/2018.
Congratulations to Assoc. Prof Chng Shu Sin for winning the Faculty Young Scientist Award 2018.
Congratulations to Mr Junaidi Bin Aminuddin for winning the Outstanding Service Award 2018.
Congratulations to 7 of our staff, Professor JIANG Donglin, Professor LOH Kian Ping, Professor LIU Xiaogang, Professor WU Jishan, Assoc. Prof CHEN Wei, Asst Prof Goki EDA and Asst Prof Liviu UNGUR for being named among the top cited academics globally in their respective fields. (Read more)
President’s Assistant Professor Winston Zhao Ziqing
The Department welcomes our second President’s Assistant Professor Winston Zhao Ziqing who joined us on 2 May 19. Winston received his pre-university education in Singapore, before heading to Caltech for his undergraduate studies on the National Science Scholarship, where he obtained double B.S. degrees with honors in Chemistry and Biology. He completed his Ph.D. in Biophysics at the Harvard University ...
NUS Chemistry: 1st in Asia and 7th in the world
The Department remains one of the top 10 chemistry programmes worldwide. Based on the latest QS University Rankings by Subject, NUS Chemistry retained the position as the 1st in Asia and the 7th internationally for 5 years in a row. While rankings are only one measure of the excellence of our programmes, the Department’s consistent strong international recognition as a leading institution provides added credentials for our reputation ...
Impact of Basic Science in Modern Society
In conjunction with Global Young Scientists Summit (GYSS) 2019 organised by the National Research Foundation Singapore, the Department of Chemistry hosted a panel discussion with 3 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry - Professor Aaron Ciechanover, Professor Michael Levitt, and Sir Fraser Stoddart – in NUS Faculty of Science LT27 on Wed, 23 Jan 2019. The discussion was moderated by Professor Shu Sin Chng ...
The 9th Asian Biological Inorganic Chemistry Conference
The Department of Chemistry hosted the biennial 9th Asian Biological Inorganic Chemistry Conference (AsBIC-9) at the Stephan Riady Centre, NUS UTown from 9-14 Dec 2018. The event was jointly organized with Chemistry and Biological Chemistry division, NTU and chaired by Assoc Prof Ang Wee Han (NUS) and co-chaired by Assoc Prof Xing Bengang (NTU). The conference brought together 345 participants from ...
International award for our lipid biochemist!
Congratulations to Associate Professor CHNG Shu Sin for being awarded the 2019 Walter Shaw Young Investigator Award for Lipid Research by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB). The winner was nominated by colleagues and other leaders in his field for making outstanding research contributions in the area of lipids as a young investigator. Assoc. Prof CHNG will deliver an award lecture at the ASBMB annual meeting in April 2019. For more information, see ...
Congratulations Class 2018 and Welcome to the NUS Chemistry Alumni Family!
Thursday, 12 July 2018 evening marked a significant milestone for over 260 chemistry graduates as they begin a new chapter in their lives after completing their studies at ChemNUS. The Commencement event this year was also marked by another milestone as the first graduates for the new Masters programme, M.Sc. in Chemistry for Energy and Environment, were inaugurated. Mr Cao Xujun shared his feelings ...
Charge-hopping without activation barriers across molecular junctions
Assoc Prof Christian NIJHUIS and his research group from the Department of Chemistry, NUS reported in Nature Nanotechnology a new way to reduce power consumption of molecular electronic devices. For charges to flow across a molecule, usually an energy barrier needs to be overcome which requires heat. The so-called Marcus theory describes the science behind it and explains how the applied temperature increases or decreases current flow across molecules. Here we show for the first time that it is possible to inject charge into a molecule without ...
Upcoming Events
 Thu 20 Jun 2019Seminar
 11:00AM - 12:30PMSoft Approaches in Polymeric Materials Fabrication
Speaker: Dr Boyce Chang
Location: S8-03-14 Executive Classroom
Open To: NUS staff and student | Event Detail
 Fri 21 Jun 2019Workshop
 09:00AM - 06:00PMElectrochemical Impedance spectroscopy
Location: S8-03-14 Executive Classroom
Open To: Registered participants
 Mon 24 Jun 2019Seminar
 09:30AM - 10:30AMOrganic-based Magnets Upon [TCNE]- (TCNE = Tetracyanoethylene)
Speaker: Distinguished Professor Joel S. Miller
Location: S8-03-14 Executive Classroom
Open To: NUS staff and student | Event Detail
 Tue 25 Jun 2019Seminar
 11:00AM - 12:30PMFunctional Nano/Mesoscale Metal-organic Soft Hybrids
Speaker: Professor Tapas Kumar Maji
Location: S8-03-14 Executive Classroom
Open To: NUS staff and student | Event Detail
 Thu 27 Jun 2019Seminar
 02:00PM - 03:00PMIntegrating Quantum Dots and Au Nanocrystals with Biological Systems using High Affinity Coordinating Polymers
Speaker: Distinguished Professor Hedi Mattoussi
Location: S8-03-14 Executive Classroom
Open To: NUS staff and student | Event Detail